10 Things You Must Do Before 2017 Ends


With just a few days to go, 2017 is quickly packing up its stuff in preparation for the arrival of the new year. Just like every other year, 2017 has been quite eventful so far. It really housed a lot ranging from wars to peace keeping operations, successes to failures, opportunities to disappointments and a host of other stuffs.

There is so much enthusiasm on what the new year holds. Firms have made financial projections for 2018, people are looking forward to what they will achieve and the curiosity is just off the hook. But before we finally draw the curtain on this very dramatic year, there are a number of things everyone must do in order to make the new year a fruitful 365-day adventure.

1. Take A Time Out

The Christmas season can really be party-oriented with people clustered here and there, but it is expedient you take out some time alone to reflect on the happenings of this year.

A couple of hours will do. Have a total review of everything that transpired in the entire year including your business, career, family, environment, etc.

2. Evaluate Your Vision For The Year

What did you say was your vision for this year? On a scale of 10, how much of it have you accomplished? What part of it is remaining? You certainly shouldn’t leave this year without this evaluation.

Before you think of a new year resolution, make up your mind to carryover the unfinished vision to the next year and be disciplined enough to see it through.

3. Make Your Success And Failure List

Make a list of all the successes you achieved this year and the failures you were greeted with. Why did you fail? What were the reasons behind the successes?

You need to properly understand your strong points for this year. There are certainly things you did very well that you need to repeat next year. Take note of these things and discard those actions that were fruitless.

4. Discover The Mistakes Of The Year

Regrets are beasts no one should live with. Discovering your mistakes shouldn’t make you abide in regrets. The mistakes are already far gone even if the consequences are still being lived out.

Nonetheless, take a review of these mistakes. They could have been mistakes you made in your family, relationships, academics, career or other areas of your life. Don’t forget the lessons you learnt/can learn from them.

5. Get In Touch

Get in touch with your colleagues, family, friends, employers, employees, neighbours, mentors, clients and everyone that matters. Extend a heart of love to them as the year wraps up.

It’s your way of letting them know that though the year might have been busy and hectic, they are loved and not forgotten.

6. Tighten Your Relationships

There are few people among a wide circle of people whose relationship with you have been very instrumental to your successes this year. And there are others whom you want to associate well with in the new year, pay more attention to these ones.

Send them gifts if possible. Let them know how grateful you are to them for their quota towards your success and development.

7. Review Your Debts

Credit card bills, loans and petty borrowings from loved ones need to addressed. As difficult as it may be, try to clear some of your debts (especially the small ones) before you enter the new year.

It will reduce your debt load for next year and give you a sense of fulfilment. That alone is a motivator to enter the new year with force.

8. Character

Success without character is like cake in a trash can. Please put aside the temperament stuff for a while, everyone needs to build a good character and drop bad habits.

Anger, pride, self-esteem issues, shyness, “big mouth” and others should be addressed. Make up your mind to work on these. You might have gotten used to them, but they shouldn’t define you. Draw out strategies on how to effectively work on them. Books can also help tremendously.

9. Forgive Yourself

This year might not have gone the way you planned, the challenges might have been overwhelming and the mistakes avoidable. But you must have to forgive yourself as much as you need to forgive others, in spite of how much they’ve wronged you. Don’t live in self-pity.

10. Pray

Hard work pays obviously. But hard work mixed in an ocean of God’s Grace, pays more.

Fate shouldn’t drive your life, rather Faith should. Ensure you spend time praying to God as the year comes to an end. Appreciate him for the year and seek his guidance for the new year. Wise men don’t move until God moves.

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