15 Things That Toby Nwazor Taught Me


You never can tell the level of growth you will experience until you’ve allowed others to have a place of importance in your life
— Nonso Nwagbo

The first question I probably have to answer is, “Who is Toby Nwazor?”

Toby is one of those silent leaders whose works speak volumes about him even in his absence. He’s a contemporary life coach, speaker, blogger and ‘writepreneur’ whose works are featured on leading blogs such as Huffington Post, Good Men Project, The Entrepreneur, Addicted2Success and a host of others. If you call him a formidable authority in the ‘writosphere’, you won’t be wrong.

I’ve known him for a while but got closer to him only about a year ago. I was privileged to spend three nights in his apartment. That was for sure three of my most enlightening nights ever. This article is based on what I learned from him within a period of one year and precisely during the three precious nights at his abode.

1. Success Is A Decision

Success doesn’t just happen to you. It’s not magic, neither does it obey the principles of coincidence. It’s basically “preparation meets opportunity.” He made it very clear from his lifestyle that every second we live is a choice. And the actions thereof can determine whether we’ll be successful or not.

2. Remain Where You Are Celebrated And You’ll Remain A Local Champion

I had always been a writer in various spheres. Not professionally though, but I’ve always been expressing myself with good flow of words. I was always on Facebook writing poems and articles for birthday celebrations. It was quite great, stressful but lovely.

I needed to explore a wider sphere but didn’t know how to start. The fact is I never really saw myself as a professional writer either; I was caught within the borders of a mediocre local champion. My situation changed immediately I placed a call across to Toby Nwazor about a year ago. The result was that I started Notemast Blog.

He taught me that I can never win new territories if I decide to build a castle in my comfort zone.

Explore, stumble, rise and dominate.

3. It’s More Blessed To Give Than To Receive

While I underwent a 3-day mentorship class in his apartment, I was able to catch a glimpse of Toby’s giving culture. Toby has a percentage of his income that is devoted to others. He gives to those in need and those he looks up to — God inclusive.

To him, there is no influence without giving; and it transcends beyond finances. Time, knowledge and other resources can be sown too.


4. Always Make Out Time To Mentor Others

I had to do a little secretive survey of the number of people around me that are being directly and indirectly mentored by Toby. The result was a shocker.

Don’t get too busy that you have no time for others. Always learn to give back to the society. It is one of the surest ways to expand your sphere of influence.

5. “The Market Is Not Saturated”

Those were the exact words Toby told me the night he asked me to start a blog. According to him, “as long as you have value to offer, you’ll always have an audience to listen.

If you can locate a suitable niche, settle there, solve a need, offer something irresistible and innovative, you’ll discover that the market is not saturated.”

6. Consistency Challenge

The writer’s block is an issue that every writer can identify with. Whenever it happens, writers lose all forms of motivation to write. Well, Toby taught me that you can break every jinx and remain consistent in whatever you do. You must create a strategy and escape route for yourself.

He writes at least an article on Facebook every day and still has time to meet up with other writing requests. The consistency challenge is one that every success-minded person must take. Locate that inconsistency bug in your life, chart a plan around it and ensure you beat it at its own game.


7. The Worst You Can Be Told Is A No

Whenever I hear him talk about how he pitched top sites like Fortune Magazine and Fox News, I’m always in awe. Questions like, “What if I’m rejected?” starts popping up in my head.

Over time, I came to realize that the worst someone can tell you is No. Nothing more. But if you try, you can bag yourself a Yes.

8. Think Bigger

How far you can go is predicated on how far you can see. The mind goes before the legs. Toby’s ideas of being successful contradict what the average man on the street thinks. He’s crazy, like super crazy.

Not thinking big is tantamount to dying poor.

9. It All Boils Down To Kingdom

One can never be too busy for God. Being an active worker in his church, he is always around for necessary meetings and still has sufficient time for his career. He dedicates and gives a chunk of his finances and time to Christian projects. To him, a life without kingdom implications is not worth living.

10. Resilience

At the onset, Toby quit two banking jobs, started a business that later failed, started a blog that also went down, yet, he’s standing regal and tall.

Someday, I’ll have to share a live interview with him for everyone understand his definition of “Resilience”. But for now, I can sum it up in these words:

Give life all you’ve got and when there is nothing left to give, give yourself.

11. You Can Make A Million Dollars Doing Nothing

If you say Toby does nothing daily, you’re not wrong. If you say he is very busy, you’re not wrong either. It boils down to your angle of perception. The truth is that he made his passion his career. So when you see him working, you might think he is just having fun.

When you love your job, you’ll make the most out of it while you leave people thinking that you’re doing nothing.


12. You’re As Big As Your Knowledge Base

You cannot earn beyond your human capital. He started building his personal library as an undergraduate, and now it’s more than a hundred hard copy books and hundreds of soft copy books.

Toby believes in personal development and consciously invests regularly in training, seminars, and courses.
While trying to study his daily habits, I discovered he always has a book beside him. He reads voraciously and the result is seen in his character, actions, spoken words, and writings.

13. You Can Still Spare Some Time For Recreation

Despite his busy schedule, Toby still has time to unwind. He believes in maintaining a good work-life balance. So yes, he sees a movie once a while and makes out time to hang out with friends or take a walk.

You certainly don’t need to stress yourself to death without giving yourself a time-off. If you deserve it, give yourself a break.


14. Networking Is Essential For Success

Your worth is not determined by the figures in your bank account, but by the value of your relationships.

This saying is true as justifiable by the cadre of people Toby has surrounded himself with — success-oriented people from different works of life. A more critical look will show that most of the people in his cycle are people who he can always learn from on daily basis.

15. Be Happy, It Costs Nothing

Laughter is free. At least the continuous smiles on his face have taught me that. Even when things are very tough, Toby Nwazor still maintains his calm and smile a lot.


  1. Ifunanya Onuzulike on

    These are really great words of success. Truly inspiring, am so glad to also be a partaker.
    Thanks for sharing
    More Grace

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