24 Things Your Successful Friends Have Given Up


Grab a bottle of coke, relax and think of what successful people do as against losers that always whine and complain. Success doesn’t come by chance. It is the reward of concerted efforts aimed at a definite goal.

While sipping your coke, can you think of what some of your friends did that resulted in unfathomable success in their lives? The basic truth is that they did a whole lot of things. They changed their habits, changed their way of thinking, took life more seriously and they also gave up on a whole lot of things.

You can’t expect different results by repeating the same thing. If you can give up on the following things, you too can be as successful as they are.

1. They’ve given up carelessness

It may not be news for you to know that successful people are not careless with life. They’re planned, meticulous and organized. Your successful friends have obviously taken life more serious than you can imagine. They’re disciplined and they’ve placed boundaries around their lives. For them, it’s no longer business as usual.

2. They’ve given up believing on fate

Disasters and happenings are not determined by fate. Your successful friends have learnt that the situations in their lives are not predicated upon fate. They’ve stopped blaming fate for every bad thing that happens to them. If you must be successful, you must learn to take the bull by the horn and stop that crazy mantra of “what will be, will be.” No! Life is garbage in garbage out. It gives you whatever you give to it.

3. They’ve given up on luck

Luck is as bad as fate. Why would you live your life waiting for the day luck favours you to win a lottery? Waiting on luck will make you grow old and weary in laziness and failure. Your wise friends have understood that nothing happens by chance, and coincidence is just a word used to identify a complex situation with no immediate explanation. Life has principles, when you apply the right ones, success will locate you.

4. They’ve given up on blaming others

You are the architect of your success and misfortunes. The only mistakes in your life are the ones you permitted. If you look intently, you’ll realize that all the disappointments you got from people could have been avoided one way or the other. They might have occurred due to your ignorance, indiscipline, negligence to details, consistency or commitment to a cause.

You must learn to see life for what it really is: Your Business. Yea, that’s right! It’s your business and you alone can make decisions that are beneficial or detrimental to your success. It’s high time you quit the blame game.

5. They’ve given up on believing they can’t change the world

Martin Luther Jr. King as a black man had a dream that changed the tides of racism in America. It took Nelson Mandela 27 years to cure South Africa of her apartheid and break the chains of colonialism significantly.

So what makes you think you can’t change the world? Failures? Thomas Edison had to try 1000 times before he could give us the light bulb which we so much cherish. Is it uncertainty or fear that can hinder you from changing the world? You’ve got to believe in yourself and look at something bigger than now.

Your actions and in-actions are capable enough to cause a paradigm shift in certain dimensions on life. Think of something you can do to impact your life, immediate society and the world at large. There is a drop of greatness in every man.

6. They’ve given up on the status quo

Your successful friends are certainly tired of the way things had been. They are tired of going round and round the pepper tree. The status quo refers to the way things have always been. It entails the manner with which you invest in your life and it is also the way life has always treated you. For you to amount to something tangible in life, you must get fed up of bulls**t and aspire for something greater than the norm.

7. They’ve given up many bad habits

Letting go of habits can be difficult. I totally understand. But each bad habit you let go of draws you closer to the dome of success. Bad habits can be detrimental to health, relationships, business, career and all you can think of. You are as good as the number of good habits you have.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet

Billionaire friends: Bill Gates and Warren Buffet

8. They’ve given up on not trusting people

You can’t do much on your own. Two good heads are better than one. Successful people have learnt to see the beauty in others and appreciate them richly. They understand the importance on manpower. They invest in the human capital of others and give them the opportunity to do great things.

I know the popular saying, “trust no one”. But if you decide to ride solo without having others in your life, you’ll grow weary. If you must succeed, you need people around you and you just have to trust and believe in them.

9. They’ve given up on not believing in God

What makes you think God is dead? He’s not. Success is way beyond money and properties. Success also entails having an essence of living enshrined in the enclave of divinity. Although, believing in God is not a license for laziness as some may think. But it is indisputable that God adds meaning to life and makes it better.

Having material success without the peace that comes from God may not be worth it after all.

10. They’ve given up past trophies

The successes of yesterday only reflect how good you were the day before and does not necessarily portray your present reality. Your successful friends have given up on their past glories. They work tirelessly to get better and to achieve better feats. You can be a hero yesterday and can be brought down to ground zero today if you don’t meticulously work towards getting better.

11. They’ve given up the pains of yesterday

The past is gone and should have gone with its pains. Just as you need to stop living in past glories, you must learn to let go of the pains of yesterday. Forgive yourself and others, then move on.

12. They’ve given up staying in their comfort zone

You can’t achieve much staying at the place where you are celebrated. You need to break new grounds, dominate new territories and go the extra mile. Waking up early may not be very convenient, but successful people know how important it is for them to master the habit of early rising. In the same vein, they’ve developed other habits that have taken them beyond the shores of their comfort zones.

13. They’ve given up wasting their money

Money is a tangible resource for investments. Wasting money is tantamount to wasting investment opportunities. Your successful friends have stopped throwing money away in clubs and parties. They don’t give cash away carelessly, even though giving is a necessary prerequisite for receiving. Prudence is their watch word. Give a fool a million dollars and in less than a year, he will be back to ground zero.

14. They’ve given up time wasting

They’ve realized without doubt that every second that passes unutilized is a wasted resource. Thus, they have no room for unnecessary chit chats and give no ground for procrastination. They spend every time they have on productive things. Even though they can take vacations, they’ve decided not to make a habit out of it.

The only time your successful friends can be found in the midst of time wasters or supposed fools and losers is when they are trying to educate these ones on being useful with their lives.

15. They’ve given up selfishness

Live is beyond you. Your successful friends have attached great importance on worthy people including, family, colleagues, the society at large as well as bigger pictures. They know that the world doesn’t revolve around them. And as such, they’ve given others a meaningful place in their hearts. They have been completely cured of the “I” syndrome.

16. They’ve given up on not learning

The day you stop learning, you start dying. Successful people know that they are as important as their knowledge base. So, they invest so much to boost their human capital in any area of interest they choose. They read voraciously, know a little of everything and are well grounded in their choice niche.

17. They’ve given up spontaneity

Acting before thinking can make you live a life of regrets. Your successful people have given up on behaving rashly. They react less and act less. When faced with delicate and difficult situations, they’ve learned to say, “I will think about it.”

18. They’ve given up on being fake

Everyone needs to have an identity. No one wants to do serious business with a snake. One of the reasons why you’re probably still the way you’re is because you’re still living a fake life. You’re still wearing a mask. You’re probably claiming to be who you are not.

No one gives a damn about how bad the real you are. You can’t run forever. If you had realized this earlier, you might have been as successful as your friends. Stop being fake, it kills your real personality. Anyone that cannot appreciate your real personality due to one issue or other is not worth being around you in the first instance.

Tony Robbins, Marc Benioff and Richard Branson

19. They’ve given up negative thoughts and people

The greatest battle in life is the battle of the mind. One of the reasons why you were left behind in the train of success is because you still give attention to those negative thoughts that have made you believe you can’t amount to anything tangible in life. In likewise manner, you still attend the lectures of people that make you believe that you’re worthless and can never achieve anything in life.

Words have psychological effects on us and we must guard our hearts with utmost diligence, because out of it proceeds the issues of life. To meet up in the journey of success, you must kill the I can’t mentality. Be positive even in the face of difficulties.

20. They’ve given up on unproductive friends

Lay aside any weight that besets you. If there is one thing that I’m certain you don’t need on the path of success, then it must be liability. The only time your successful friends can be found in the company of unproductive people is when they are teaching them to be productive. Surround yourself with people that will help you get better, but also make out time to help the weak one.

21. They’ve given up on excuses

Excuses only make you grow fat in failure. There are millions of good excuses why you should remain irrelevant and unproductive, but you must give yourself at least one reason not to cling on your million excuses.

22. They’ve given up on being consumers only

For everything you consume, there is someone making dollars for producing it. Why always buy cakes, when you can make a fortune baking them? Why read articles online when you have the skills to write some? Why spend tangible time and data watching YouTube videos when you can create some yourself?

Your successful friends simply became more than consumers, they are producers. They see opportunities in anything that interests people. As a rule of thumb, spend more than 50% of your time creating and leave the rest of the time for consuming.

23. They’ve given up on people’s opinion of them

Humans were fabricated to react to everything around them. This means that you’re certainly going to have people wagging their tongues around you in spite of what you do. In as much as advice is good, you must understand that people’s opinions of you remain opinions and suggestions and can be discarded. The easiest way to die is to seek to please everyone.

24. They’ve given up on giving up

Winners are not quitters and quitters are not winners.

A popular saying goes thus: he that fights and runs lives to fight another day. However, there are times when one just have to fight till the death without running away. The reason why you always fight, lose and run back is because you know you’ve got a bridge to thread on while going back to mediocrity. Your successful friends have destroyed the bridge that leads to mediocrity. And they had no other option other than to win.



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