5 Things Successful People Refuse To Do


Success if often equated to money, and people tend to define success around it. As popular as that mindset may be, it’s not totally true. Success is basically finding true accomplishment in a chosen path. It’s about discovering purpose and satisfactorily achieving it with the needed results.

This means that the definition of success is relative, and it’s predicated upon the goals that one set out to achieve. A man can be very successful, yet he’s not a billionaire. Someone else on the other hand may have so much money and lacks fulfillment.

Is money good? Certainly; but the earlier we stopped equating success to money, the better we focus on our visions for life.

Successful people understand that their success is dependent on the decisions and actions they take, so they are very careful when sifting out the wrong actions. These are 6 things they’ve refused to do in a bid to consolidate their position at the top.

1. They Don’t Allow Anyone Pull Them Down

By virtue of how high they’ve attained in their pursuits, people tend to flock around them. However, it’s not surprising that they are quick at laying people off too.

The kind of persons around you can determine where you’re going to end up. Pessimists and vision killers are the worst kinds of persons to keep in your cycle. But, funny enough, they always keep coming.

Successful people are not apologetic when laying off such people. It’s not pride, neither is it arrogance. It’s a relevant decision one must have to make on regular basis in life. If you really want to be successful, then you’ve got to sift your cycle.

Get positive people that will pull you up and let go of the negative ones.
Tough decision = tough impact.

2. They Don’t Allow Others To Design Their Lives

No one knows your vision for life better than you do. Hence, no one should dictate your path. On the short and long run, it’s remains your life and the consequences of any mistake are there for you to bear alone.

Successful people are good at listening to advice on how to be more successful. They’ve got mentors and life coaches. But they never forget that advices are people’s suggestions and must be weighed on a scaled before being accepted or dropped.

One of the worst things that can ever happen to you is to live a life that someone else designed for you, except such a designer is God himself.

Successful people follow their blueprints for life and they not allow themselves to be caught up in activities that are not in alignment with their purpose.

3. They Refuse To Limit Their Vision

Here is a popular saying: “if your dream doesn’t scare you, then it’s not big enough.” Why would you see a blueprint of city and resolved to build a village because you are scared that the resources to build a city won’t be forthcoming. Who told you that the resources are gonna come in a day?

Successful people know that there are phases in a vision they seek to pursue. They aim for the biggest picture, but start with a step at a time. Call them crazy, they will smile and continue. Discourage them and they’ll relegate you in their friends list.

You need to understand that whatever vision you receive is yours. Although people can help you to see it through, but don’t allow anyone (you inclusive) to limit those big dreams of yours.

4. They Don’t Drop Their Dreams At The Feet Of Failure

They always have something to live for, and they don’t have the same definition of failure as others do.

Successful people know that failure is a conscious effort that is designed to wroth persistence in them.

So in the face of failures and defeats, they remain resolute and press on with shoulders high.

If you let go of your dreams in the face of challenges, then the dreams were not worth it in the first place.

5. They’ve Refused To Stop Learning

No one is bigger than his knowledge base. Take for instance; if you empty 25 litres of water into a 2 litre bowl, at the end of the day, what you’ll have is just 2 litres of water. The remaining 23 litres will spill away.

This is exactly what happens to us. There are lots of opportunities around us, but what you can offer or receive is dependent on your capacity. Successful people know that increase in knowledge and wisdom is increase in capacity; so they never stop learning.

No matter how hard they work, they never fail to make out time to glean through a book or undertake an online course.

One of the best ways to be successful is to study successful people and plant your feet where they planted theirs. I hope these nuggets will inspire you unto the perfect path you’ve always dreamt to follow.


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