9 Entrepreneurship Opportunities In The Movie Industry Apart From Acting


Whenever the word, “movie” is mentioned, the only set of persons we think of are actors. It is not surprising because they are the stars we see. But unknown to many, there are several logistics behind the beautiful imageries we see on our screens. These logistics are handled by scores of people with entrepreneurial skill sets. I have enumerated just 8 freelance jobs which require special skills, that most people often neglect in the movie industry. Although, these skills are possessed by many, but they are not as developed as required and people are ignorant of the job opportunities they (the skills) can afford them.

  • Makeup Artistry
    The concept of makeup isn’t new to any contemporary lady. It is a basic art that ladies engage in everyday. But for movie productions, it goes beyond the popular fashion technique used for day to day activities. There are other types of makeup including theatrical, high definition and special effects (prosthetic) makeup which is the most amazing of them all.

    A number of makeup artists are centered around fashion and bridal makeups. For more job offers and relevance in production, a knowledge in special effect is invaluable. Special effects makeup is an art on its own. Movies like Planet of the Apes, Fantastic Four, Thor and several other box office movies would never had been successful realities without this art.

  • Special Effects Makeup [Photo Credit: Video maker]

  • Costume Design
    Costumes involves the different clothes and clothing materials used in productions. Often times, movie producers contract costume designing firms who design all the clothing they use for production. This is common in fantasy and sci-fi movies. Other times, costume managers who are also fashion specialists are contracted. They may not design totally new clothes. What they do in such instances is to choose the befitting wears from suitable clothing lines. A few other times, the production company hire costumiers as permanent staff.

    That notwithstanding, a good fashion designer can potentially get a freelance job a costumier.

  • Cinematography
    Cinematography gives live to a script. No matter how beautiful a script is, its full worth may not be appreciated until the imagery is captured. Cinematography in its simplicity covers the photo shoots, video quality, sequence of the shots and other related camera works. This segment of movie production is actually very vital and needs the services of a good cinematographer.

    Most people who handle cameras today are only skilled at taking still photographs. For one to be relevant here, he needs to develop his skill set to accommodate the concept of motion pictures and all it entails. Good cinematographers are valuable and earn tangibly.

  • Props And Sets
    Theatrical property (otherwise known as props) and sets is also another niche for artistic entrepreneurs. Props refers to movable object on the stage apart form costumes, scenery, actors and electrical equipment. There are firms and startups that specialise in the production of some of the materials needed as theatrical props. They also design the stage to suit the movie. An entrepreneur in this field can own a startup and supply creative materials to movie production companies.
  • Video Editing And Special Effects
    Skill in great editing software such as Adobe Premier, Pinnacle Studio and the likesare handy here. Video editors properly arrange and “edit” the different shots and scenes during production. Some of these editing software have an array of effects, but not sufficient enough. Thus, in movie productions, dedicated special effects software such as Adobe After Effects, Flimora and Blender are always used. I find this list of special effects software very useful.
  • Movie Animation
    Seems like we’ve been talking tech, but we aren’t done yet. Another skill set that can fetch good cash in the movie industry is animation. Animated movies like Lego and Avatar were made possible through the skills of animators. They use an array of software like Maya and Blender to create 3D motion pictures. You’ll notice that some of the software used in special effects are also used for animation. This shows how useful one with the mastery of such software can be. A number of other related software are also used regularly depending of their features.
  • Choreography
    If you love the dance steps in Bravetown,
    Step Up, Magic Mike or those “Cheer Leaders” movies, then you should give a thumbs up to their respective choreographers. Those steps were not just done out of the blue. Of course, everything is subject to the decision of the director, but it is the job of choreographers to determine the best dance steps and songs for a dance scene. They train the movie characters to replicate the steps and ensure the moves are as flawless as possible. If you’ve got some good dancing skills, you can be really helpful in the industry as a choreographer.
  • Stunts
    Now, this is one area in production that is never saturated. Apart from the story line, most people rate action movies by how real the stunts are. Stunts are very popular in Hollywood movies. On the other extreme, it’s rare in African movies. I’m proudly African though. I have seen a number of stunt fails in movies that almost made me puke. I’ll attribute that to lack of good stuntman or stunts director. Often times, it’s caused by poor special effects on stunt shots. If you’ve got a blackbelt or some grand karate skills, it’s high time you stopped bullying your neighborhood and become useful in the movie industry. The industry is begging for your skills there.
  • Scriptwriting
    This is where the wielders of pen are adored. Every great movie is a reflection of a beautiful script. Writing transcends poetry, business articles or regular blogging. It embodies the use of words to paint graphic pictures that can be subsequently encoded to a video. I stopped talking bad about my country’s movie industry when I realised that the proficient key players in the afore mentioned categories are not just missing, but the excellent scriptwriters are also no where to be found. Good scripts begets good movies. Movie production companies pay heavily for the services of good script writers. Brace up, fan the entrepreneurial fire, and let the oil of relevance in you burn!

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