A Reality Of Written Voices


In a dark room,
All I could see was dark.
There was no light.
I couldn’t see a thing.
Yet I saw darkness, for she was dark.

Though she was always beside me,
She stalked me.
The lady clothed in black
is far and near.
And her eyes are dark.

I’ve lived with her,
Beyond the confines of time.
The room was dark,
But I knew I was trapped in a room.
And it’s got a door.

I was never alone.
Others were there too.
Once in a golden moon,
The door swings open
And one of us gets freed.

I had long to see light,
The day my captor would free me
From the room of darkness.
The day my captor would free me
From his mind.

I had always known
That I was conceived for greatness.
Impact flows through me.
And many won’t see it,
Until I’m freed.

Today, the moon is golden.
The door swung open again.
One would see the light.
I never thought it would be me
But my thought was wrong.

I have been freed from the idea bank,
Freed from the touch of darkness.
I’m no longer an idea.
I’m now a reality.
A reality of written voices.
And my name is, Notemast.


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