About Us

Trends are part of the characteristics of this present age, and anyone who seek to be relevant needs to be in tune with the ever dynamic trends. Pitching our camp around Business and Entrepreneurship, we are resolved at giving our readers value, knowledge and a treasurable reading experience. Most of the articles published here are authored by the blog owner, Nonso Nwagbo. However, guest posts are entertained occasionally.


Nonso Nwagbo is an Computer Engineer by training. He bagged a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering from the prestigious Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. He is a freelance writer, systems administrator and a business consultant. He majors in business, entrepreneurship, poetry and societal related articles. Nonso currently mentors a number of young adults in the art of writing and he has resolved to impact lives, businesses and the society with his written voices.