Author Nonso Nwagbo

I'm a certified computer engineer who just can't ignore the necessity and beauty of the pen. I'm a seasoned poet, writer and blogger with a focus on business and entrepreneurship. There a quite a good number of articles to my accolade, and they are all geared towards impacting lives positively with a drive towards success.

The Lady I Once Loved

I saw her in the streets Messed up, torn in bits She smelled like piss Like a cat stuck in shitty pit Everyone passed by But none stopped by She was ruined all through Her life was headed for the…

raped by a beast, the redemption

RAPED BY A BEAST 2: The Redemption

Time they say “…Heals a multitude of wounds” The illusion in this saying, I’m yet to grasp Its madness, superficial With no potency to salvage me From the hurt I embraced Nor the ensuing guilt I absorbed Three ugly years…

The kids are watching

The Kids Are Watching

Everyone who knows me well should have known that I’m a mad lover of kids. They are always lovely, innocent and beautiful until life begins to happen to them as they grow up. So I make every effort to savour…

Professional massacre

Professional Massacre

A lot of persons have asked me repeatedly why I chose Engineering against something I’m more accustomed to, like Arts or specifically Literature. It was a tough decision, but that was the only viable option circumstances afforded me… I was…

my lust for women: letter to my love

MY LUST FOR WOMEN: Letter To My Love

It’s exactly 6:18pm as I write On Wednesday, August 8th, 2018 It’s no August occasion Nothing worthy of a champagne No clinking of glasses Yet I consider this moment special Quite stellar to a fault For strange thoughts dawned on…

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