Beauty Can Bring Him, But Character Will Chase Him


Virtually every lady in this contemporary age knows how to win a guy over. There are a million articles online on make-up artistry and dressing expertise. While these are tools for making a guy beg after you, you need to understand that there are two major elements for attracting a guy – beauty and character.

Most often than not, the first point of attraction that a guy sees in a lady is the beauty.

The concept of character is often introduced much later after beauty has been put on display.


All through our lives, we’ve spent lots money on the adornment and maintenance of our physical appearances. Clothing lines, cosmetic stores, hair products, shoes, bags, jewelries, colognes and make-up kits exist for this sole aim.

Beyond these, the food you eat are meticulously chosen to ensure you don’t lose that nice hourglass body shape of yours. To make it more appealing, you hit the gym every week and do exercises daily. Why all this? Just to look healthy and beautiful.

Any girl with all these indices figured out will definitely have dozens of guys running after her.


Character is a summation of your behavior and attitudes in the face of different situations. Your basic understanding of courtesy is necessary to give you a good character ratio.

Every guy loves ladies that are well mannered, showing the right deportment expected of a lady. How you talk, your tolerance to bullshit, reactions under pressure and capacity to forgive and a whole lot of things are tangible parameters that can give you a high character rating.

Blending Beauty And Character

The number of celebrity marriages that breaks up every year tell us that all that glitters are not gold. (This applies to both genders.) Physical appearance is just but a fraction of the entire makeup of a person. So beauty is never a sufficient parameter for judging how good an individual is.

It often takes a mind blowing beauty to make a man love you at first sight, but it takes character to keep him glued to you afterwards. I’m sorry to say, Gucci bags won’t save your relationship, neither will Michael Korrs jewelries keep it from crashing. The true element you need is character.

It’s sad that most ladies don’t realize this, so they spend more money building their wardrobes instead of reading books that will enlighten them on this tangent.

Your anger issues may not be obvious on the day he met you, but you will never hide it forever.
Build your character!

Not every man will want to live with a lady that is rude and arrogant. Not every man is tolerant enough to live with a lady that is dirty also.
Build your character!

No one was born perfect. I will have to write a similar piece on guys too. But not being born perfect is not a license to remain imperfect. You must strive being perfect. Learn basic courtesy as well as how to keep your man.
I recommend the following books, they have timeless nuggets to offer you.

Life is a choice. Keeping a successful relationship/marriage is a big decision. Make it today by developing yourself now.

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