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Sexual Abstinence

7 Profitable Reasons Why Sexual Abstinence Is The Best For You

In the simplest of terms, abstinence is the practice of self-denial and self-restraint from anything. There are so many things that one can abstain from, ranging from alcohol and drugs to sexual intercourse. In our modern society, sexual intercourse and…

beauty and character

Beauty Can Bring Him, But Character Will Chase Him

Virtually every lady in this contemporary age knows how to win a guy over. There are a million articles online on make-up artistry and dressing expertise. While these are tools for making a guy beg after you, you need to…

Breakup from intimate relationship

How To Breakup From An Intimate Relationship

Emotion forms the intrinsic makeup of humans. One beautiful thing about it is that, it’s not a respecter of social status, gender or age. Everyone has emotions and once its tap has been opened, it is always difficult to close.…