Do You Have The “Win Or Learn Mentality”?


Success or Failure, Win or Lose are two sets of contrasting words which everyone must have experienced and can relate to throughout their walk in life.

They are actually more than mere words, they are life scenarios and statuses. They define and spell out the effect of everyday efforts.

On one side, success and win are greeted with much awe and joy as against their negatively painted counterparts.

Although these negative counterparts have underlying propelling forces, but they’ve been plagued by scores of misconceptions. I strongly don’t believe that in the term “Loss” is synonymous to “being a failure”.

That you lost a football match doesn’t make you a failure. For all I care,

  • your team had tactical errors that should be addressed, or
  • you guys weren’t fit enough, or
  • you underestimated your opponents, or
  • you lacked the adequate confidence and morale, or
  • you lacked team spirit, or
  • you aren’t conversant with the pitch, or
  • the referee was even bought over by the other team, or
  • something else.

Either ways, there was a reason that you need to fish out and then address it squarely.

That you “failed” a Maths test in college doesn’t make you a failure.

  • It was just an invitation to more dedicated studies.
  • If you studied well earlier, then perhaps the new invitation was a call to carefulness when answering questions.
  • If you had everything all sorted out, and you still failed, then you just learned about the corrupt school system as we have in some developing countries.

This means you need to learn how to confront the management and get your grades sorted out.

Either ways, there is an element of learning which should sink deep into your heart.

Failure is not just a journey, it is also a destination. The journey began when you started embracing those “losses” instead of knocking their fat heads off in determined fights. There is a long distance between Loss and Failure (as a destination).

Failure is a term that can be attributed to one who failed to learn from a defeat, pick himself off the mud and capitalize on the experience to get himself back on the perfect track.

After the then ruling political party lost the 2015 general elections in Nigeria, I saw a rift that almost tore them apart. Unknown to them, a monster of decadence, corruption and mediocrity has grown within them over the years. It had fed on the euphoria of their previous electoral successes and the ensuing power and financial authority.

All they needed was that disappointing loss to put their house back in order, unlearn all the black hat practices they’ve gotten accustomed to and then learn how to honour the votes of the Nigerian masses.

You might not know how weak and disappointing your commitments, efforts and discipline have been reduced to until you’ve lost a deciding battle.

Everyone who has a plan of building a dynasty at the top should have the Win or Learn mentality.

Don’t accept defeat to be a destination. Every defeat should take you back to your drawing board.

One of the best questions to ask in the face of defeat is “What went wrong?”

Defeat shouldn’t be greeted with tears running down the cheeks or blood-boiling anger in your veins. Rather, coordinate yourself, learn from the experience and strike another blow.

Anything that doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. Life is always a Win-Learn scenario.

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