[Poem]: El Precioso


I choose to write of el precioso.
At the spot light of reasoning
In the thick forest of the Amazonians
I sought to catch reason and picture the future.

For el precioso,
I decided to know what seasoned time holds,
Curiouity of how well she will fare ate me up.
And my feeble feet quaked at my pursuit of the unknown

The clouds will betray me,
My heart may be treacherous,
But for el precioso,
I reached for the hour glass of time.

What I beheld gave strength to my feet.
Visions of her future gladdened my soul.
My heart was lightened,
And the beautiful curves of smiles took a sail round my cheeks.

Like a book, many will read of her.
Tourist will take the route of the air to catch a glimpse of her
She will seat enthroned between the porches of fame.
News of the fairest of them all will go beyond the rivers.

I saw her in the pool of wealth
She will build a foreign dynasty of liquid cash,
In her domain shall mammon be made useless,
For el precioso shall sacrifice only to His Majesty.

Where else shall babies find succour,
Is there any better shoulder for children to rest?
Alas! Her children shall be signs and wonders,
They shall suckle sumptuously from her bosom.

Through her shall nations be called blessed.
Her lineage will taste the equivocal mercies of the Messiah.
The Faith will not be lost in her time.
And she won’t be ashamed of the blood stained banner of our Christ.

I pray for EL PRECIOSO
For she is the PRECIOUS ONE.

For Nonye Nwokozo
Penned: December 15th, 2016
Photo Credit: Instagram via @thepioneerwoman

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