Essential Nuggets For Making Difficult Decisions In Life


Have you ever been in a situation where you have a myriad of choices to choose from–each with its risks, rewards and repercussions–that you ended up being very confused as to what choice to opt for?

I guess you must have been in such a situation at one point or the other. Even if it wasn’t as severe as I painted it, you certainly must have been in a crossroad that demands decisions.

One of the things we do most times in the face of decisions is to seek for the opinion of others. As good as that may sound, we may not eventually get the best choices from them. Sticking with the ideas in our head may also turn out to be misleading.

Desperation kills. Experiences have taught me that the best things to do when making life decisions especially decisions that are bothered around career, relationship and finances is to sleep over it, then these steps follow:

1. Form A Deaf Ear To The Outside World

One of the worst things you can do to yourself is to live a life someone else designed. Listening to advice from other is good, especially those that have gone ahead of you in life. But after listening to those pieces of advice, close your ears to the world and ask yourself what you really need.

At the end of the day, it boils down to you. You need to weigh those advices on the scale of what you truly need and also weigh the ensuing results. You can never be able to do this if you always rely on others to make decisions for you. Be the captain of your life, but give ear to the suggestions of your crew members.

2. Sail To The Direction Of Your Passion

As the captain of your own life, it boils down to what you really want. When you’re done weighing the thoughts in your head and the advices of others, it’s advisable you go with where your heart lies. In issues of relationships, don’t do anyone a favour by sticking with him/her, you’ll lose your happiness.

In the same vein, don’t stick with a particular job for life because the pay is good. If you don’t make deliberate plans to go with your true passion while you’re still gathering resources, you’ll end up in regrets and depression on the long run.

The course you want to study in college may not be “lucrative”, but will you find fulfillment in it? This is one of the best question you must ask at this point, What gives and will give me fulfillment?

3. Study The Patterns

Meticulously observe the series of events in your life as regards a particular issue. Where are the events pointing towards? Hey, I’m not talking about failure. Failure often tries to block our visage from the true realities behind the walls.

Ignoring such hindrance, where has your life been headed all the while? What are the good landmarks you’ve arrived at throughout the journey? The events that happen in your life can give you vital clues as to the right way to follow.

4. Grab Opportunities

Look out for opportunities that pops open in the direction of your passion and fulfillment and pounce on them. But always remember that life is a risk; and most times, it’s very difficult to go back to the drawing board after making a shipwrecking decision. Therefore, before you jump at opportunities, ensure you’ve set your true passions right.

5. Always listen to your intuition

Your intuition is not that spirit of fear always spitting negative thoughts in your head–that guy is a devil, cast him out. Rather I’m referring to your natural ability to discern things. Once you’ve trained yourself to master your intuition and know when something feels right or wrong, leverage on it.

Don’t be desperate about anything. No matter how juicy it is, always try to see something beyond the walls.

Never forget that regrets are very difficult to live with. However the biggest regret is not that you failed at your endeavor, but that you never gave life your best by trying at all.

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