How To Stay Positive In Negative Situations


We are all surrounded by negative situations, whether mini or major. You switch on the TV, you meet negative news. You hit the road, the traffic hits you. You drive to work, wishing your boss was transferred yesterday because he is this thorn in your flesh. Now, this is a ‘less- than-a-lay-man’s’ definition of negative situations. And it’s just not easy to stay positive in negative situations.

Negative situations are part of life. They are inevitable. They are bound to happen especially if you are on the right track to your destiny. The only way out of them is to stay positive when you find yourself in such situations. You can help yourself with these 5 positive steps:

1. Stay calm

Here are list of unfruitful ways people tend to approach or deal with negative situations;

  • Yelling and screaming
  • Fear and worry
  • Laying blames
  • Being rude and harsh
  • Negative thoughts


Unfortunately, these approaches don’t do any good. You just end up hurting yourself and others around. You end up fueling the fire and making things worse. For real, that’s major magnification!

To prevent this chaos, you can decide to be calm. Don’t react immediately especially if you are angry. Take few deep breaths. Take time to process.

2. Take responsibility

After you must have analysed and processed the situation, you will see some light. You will be able to understand the situation and why it is. You will find out that it might be your fault.

Never blame anyone. Take responsibility. Take action to remedy the situation. You will find out at the end that there was no need making a mountain out of a molehill.

Learn to act and not react. Attack negativity with positivity not negativity. Two wrongs cannot make a right.

3. Look on the brighter side

If you got those writing jobs, you wouldn’t have enough time to own and develop your own blog.

Look on the brighter side in every negative situation. It is dark all over. But if you can carefully look, you’ll find light, no matter how small.
It is more pleasant on the brighter side. Keep looking on the brighter side and you will find reasons to stay positive in that negative situation

4. Learn and grow

Like I said earlier, negative situations are part of life. You’re probably thinking, ‘part of life? Oh yeah, God’s means of destroying the human race’. No! Negative situations are there to make us stronger and better people.

Life is a test. The more you pass life’s test by being positive, the more your life progresses. You will finally get to point where negative situations don’t move you. It takes discipline to reach that point. The discipline of emanating positivity in the midst of negativity.

“Patience is not simply the ability to wait, it’s how we behave while waiting”

– Joyce Meyer

5. Surround yourself with positivity

I have this friend whom I always run to whenever I felt I couldn’t take it anymore and I needed help. No man is an island. We all need friends, positive ones at that. Friends who don’t magnify issues but whom from their lips emanate wisdom. Just what you need to have your positivity percentage rating high.

As you yet walk this earth, be friends with the right people. Surf the net, find quotes on positivity. Take in as much as is enough to birth forth positivity in you.

A whole lot of humans have not learnt to control their emotions, I mean negative emotions. These negative emotions of anger, hate, depression, worry come from within, of course because of negative situations.
You definitely cannot give out what you don’t have. Feed yourself with positivity daily. That’s the one way to survive negativity.

If you decide this day and choose to respond positively to every negative situation. Then, you can bring out positivity from within you in the face of negativity. You can give out good in the midst of bad. So, the world finds hope in you.


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