Ignorance and Laziness – Two Things You Surprisingly Need To Get Rich


This topic may defile every logical reasoning. But before you call it a bluff, calm down and give it a thought. How can ignorance and laziness make one rich?

The truth is it doesn’t make sense. So I’m going to rephrase the question.

“How can capitalizing on the ignorance and laziness of others make you rich?

I hope this new question is making sense now. Sure it is.
If so, let’s talk about Laziness a little


Humans are naturally lazy beings with no inclination to work. The average man wishes to remain at the comfort of his home while he waits in futility for money to be dropped at his doorsteps.

The reason why most people go to school is also not necessary to rid themselves of the virus of ignorance. Rather, they only seek for sufficient knowledge that will land them their dream jobs.

You see – it all boils down to money.

A lot of people will be willing to drop their academic pursuits if they discover that their financial success in life isn’t tied to it. In the same vein, people are very complacent to research on things they feel are not really necessary to them.

They carry alabaster boxes of laziness all around the streets. That’s why we have lots of home delivery businesses thriving today. It’s so because people are lazy to go to the nearest grocery stores to buy groceries or to pick up packs of pizza themselves from the restaurant?

What does this imply? Amazon is rich because they know people are too lazy to step out of their homes just to patronize their local stores. They want someone to deliver it to them at their door post.

So, Amazon thought of how to leverage on that lopsidedness of humans. They added a number of other features, contacted a number of sellers and whoa… you now have an online store to offer you just any goods you can think of.

Alibaba, Jumia and Wholefood stores operate with the same psychological principle.

What does that tell you – Laziness and Ignorance can make one rich.


No matter how versatile you are, you must be ignorant of something. Even the jack of all trades doesn’t know all. Have you ever thought of how Google search engine works?

Google doesn’t know everything, it simply connected people that knows things together in a network where such information can be shared and accessed by everyone who does. This implies that if all the website owners pulls down their sites, Google will have nothing to offer her loyal visitors.

But this service of provision of knowledge to ignorant people like you and I has made Google very rich, because corporate organizations pay them to advertise their businesses on the site.

Does this make any sense to you?

Having this mindset that all humans must be ignorant of something puts you a step ahead of other. There is something that you know which many people around you don’t know.

Is it a skill? If yes, monetize it.
Is it just an avalanche of theoretical knowledge? Look for someone to pay you handsomely to put it into practical use.

The knowledge you need to make a difference could be a good use of a piano. With it, you could play for functions for a fee or teach others at a reasonable price.

Irrespective of your skills, there is always someone willing to let go of some dollars because they can’t do it themselves.

The truth is that the road to financial success starts with an idea. An idea that solves a problem. Such an idea should solve either the laziness problem or that of ignorance.

The problem we have is that people are always quick to watch motivational video clips and read similar articles, but they end up not doing anything when motivated. Don’t think of conquering the world, when you have not started conquering your immediate environment.

Look around you, ideas are numerous, satisfy the laziness of others, be a solution to their ignorance and smile away with cash.

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