Just A Different Regular Meeting


It is a beautiful morning
Waking up with my lady in my arms
Long night it was
But my head is clear
It’s past 8, I’m almost late
Today is Sunday.

I promised the church girl
That I’d be in her church today
I can hear the invitation card on the table
Beckoning on me to attend.
If I must make it,
I need to prepare

Convincing my love wasn’t difficult
We’ve cleaned up and dressed up
Beautiful dresses, perfect for Sunday
I have my wallet loaded
Three #500 notes
More than enough for three offerings

We’ll take a stroll together
Holding hands with the one I love
The meeting venue is not far from home
It’s just a regular church meeting
We’ll be there and done in no time
Then return home to wine and dine

Beautiful edifice
As beautiful as my church building
The ushers are friendly
The singers are beautiful
But their songs are too emotional
Perhaps today is another good Friday

The preacher mounts the pulpit
He’s raised another emotional song
It’s another dimension of worship
But rather too emotional
Why is he making it sorrowful
I had expected a dance fiesta

I forgive him though
“We’d be done in no time”, I think
I’m feeling uneasy
His message is disturbing
What’s wrong with him
He is not preaching aright

Why is he not talking about my offerings
I have enough cash for three
I can even give away my school fees
My pastor said that is all that matters
Then, what’s this man saying
His message is disturbing

I thought this is a regular meeting
He had no right to talk about my personal life
Who told him I was in bed last night
How did he know I slept with my girl
Did someone spy on me
He seems to know too much

I can’t take it again
My girl is busy pressing her phone
Am I the only one having this feeling
I want to leave
But something is holding me back
My heart seems to be on fire

Oh God! What’s happening to me
My thoughts have changed
I’m not seeing clearly
No! It’s not a cross
Why am I thinking of a cross
Why am I thinking of Jesus

Why are tears flowing down my eyes
I’m trying to clean it
It has refused to stop
It’s rushing like a tap
Oh God! I can see the cross again
I’m still thinking of Jesus

I always attend church services
I’m a leader in the brother’s fellowship
I hear the gospel regularly
But this is different
Something else has taken over me
Like a weight resting on me

I had thought this’ll be a regular meeting
But it’s just a different regular meeting
Why haven’t I heard this message before
I mean, this class of message
A message centred on the kingdom
A message that makes me think of Jesus

I thought my activities were enough
I often missed lectures just for a meeting
But my pastor never told me
He never told me of this emptiness
He never told me I needed Jesus
I had thought I was complete

Even if he had told me,
Would it have had this same effect
Oh God! I can’t control the hunger
I’m sorry for the way I’ve lived
Now I need you now
My heart is yearning for you

My girlfriend is confused
I don’t care what she thinks
‘Cos I have found a new lover
I don’t know why I’m running to the altar
It’s not yet time for that
But I can see Jesus calling me there

Oh sweet Jesus
Why did you allow me wander for years
Why didn’t you invite me earlier
I have never felt such power before
I thought I was in love
But now I can touch and feel real love

I must embrace this preacher
He must teach me all
All I need to seek you the more
All I need to keep you forever with me
I came with my ex-girlfriend
But I’m going home with Jesus
Thank you for salvation
Thank you for this different regular meeting.

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