[Poem]: Letter To My Val


My one and true lover.
The prince with the midas touch,
Need I remind you of your charming smiles?
Those beautiful brown eyes of yours.
Surely, I can’t dissipate into oblivion,
the melody in my heart when you giggle softly at me.
My one and true lover,
Treat not lightly, the burdens of my heart.

Since the last night I saw you,
I have dwelled in the cottage of loneliness.
It has been ten hours and counting,
And I’ve missed the look in your eyes.
You’ve taught me to be lazy.
My Prince has been my chef.
Thus, I await my lover to bring me breakfast on my bedside.
I long to taste the food that only you can make.

A lady’s demands may be numerous,
But, very soothing to his heartthrob.
Ain’t gonna wear you out with a list.
I don’t want the gold of Ophir.
The topaz of Cush is inconsequential.
Solomon’s bronze pool isn’t deep enough.
Rubies and diamonds will matter only but a little…
Rather, I long for the sweet sails of Tarshish under a scarlet moon.
Just the two of us in the atmosphere of love.

I write to intimate you that your maiden longs for you.
Don’t torture me with your absence.
Make hast, and lift me off the bed.
Baptize me in the pleasant smell of your skin.
Today was designed for you and I.
I’m totally yours for you to adore,
And you’re mine to cherish.
Together we shall explore the rest of the day.
Make hast, my love.
Keep not your maiden waiting.

Penned: February 14th, 2017

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