Talent Is Not Enough


Even if it means shouting it over the rooftop, I’ll reiterate it over and over again. Frankly, talent is not enough. It can never be a match for true professionalism.

Recently, I was discussing with a friend about the Christian music industry. I realised that there are lots of “upcoming artistes” in the church. They can download great songs from heaven.

They are fantastic at leading the church in worship, and some of them are the best in their local churches. These guys are good with amazing potentials, but sadly, they are never heard.

I kept wondering why it’s so until I remembered John C. Maxwell’s words — “talent is never enough.”

You can argue all you can, but I remain opined that Cristiano Ronaldo is not as talented as Lionel Messi, yet Ronaldo is currently the best footballer in the world simply because he realised that talent is never enough.

Two of the major differences between those good worship leaders in our churches and the amazingly popular songsters out there are skills and influence.


For you to be set apart from your contemporaries, you must develop skills. Many people built a residential apartment around their talents and failed to improve it.

You can be the best writer in your community for all I care, but if you don’t develop the needed skills for writing, the best you can ever amount to in life as far as writing is concerned is a local champion.

Why? This is because there are lots of other local champions out there that are working tirelessly towards becoming the next Brian Tracy or Chinua Achebe.

You think you’re a good rapper. Do you know there are better rappers around the globe that are painlessly fighting for the global stage?

Do you even know you’ve got competitors from all nooks and crannies of the world?

This is painful but true:

If you fail to invest in your talents, you will always sit before the television to watch those who invested in theirs.
— Nonso Nwagbo

Each day I spend on social media, I see people with crude potentials that are yet untapped and they are totally oblivious of the need for it.

Skill is the difference between your high school classmate who is a seasoned software programmer and you who is just a regular internet user, even though you were better than him back then in college.

The big question is, how far are you willing to go to develop yourself?

Draw an action plan immediately:

  • What steps will I take to get better?
  • What are the necessary courses I must take?
  • What YouTube channels should I subscribe for best tutorials and guide?
  • Who are those in my niche that I should follow on Facebook for my personal improvement?
  • Who should I meet for mentorship?
  • When should I make the move for a mentor?
  • When should I actualize these goals?
  • What progress must I make before the end of this week?

Answer these questions and develop your talents into formidable skills.


Having skills without recognition leaves you no where also. Influence is your ability to build a fan base who respects and trusts your abilities and skills.

Do you find it difficult to believe that there are footballers out there far better than Messi and Ronaldo, but are not known?

It’s a fact. The problem is that the world’s radar is beaming steadily on these ones and no one is going out to scout for these young chaps.

The world won’t come for you. You must take yourself to the world. And this will never happen if you choose to remain in your comfort zone.

  • The first step is to become a principality in your local community. By that, I mean, be a local champion that everyone can vouch for.
  • Next, you must ensure you have built tangible relationships with those in your immediate community. Someone must herald your coming. If your character is too bad that no one can speak for you, then you’re already lost.
  • Network, network and network. Keep building relationships: with those in your niche and even those outside it. Let them know how good you are.
  • Aim for the outside world. You’ve got to aim for a bigger location. At some point, you must have to leave your comfort zone and go to somewhere else where you are not celebrated. It doesn’t entail your changing of house address. I mean, any new place you find yourself by virtue of jobs or academics, establish your domain there too.
  • Ensure you give back to the society every time. Each time you help someone, you increase your sphere of influence.
  • Pitch every pitchable in your niche until the world knows you. But one step at a time.

My desire is to see people change the tides of our world. I believe there are younger generations who shall yet grace the battle field of relevance.

The battle starts today. Don’t be left out.

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