Timeless Steps To Preventing Clutters


I happen to have this knack for organization and makeovers. But no matter how much I love organizing and arranging, I hate it when i have to reorganize because things get back to their former cluttered mess. If you are in my shoes and you dread disorganization, then, you will probably kill to find out how to prevent clutter.

Nobody likes clutter and untidiness. Well, except a psycho.

Everyone appreciates a neat and tidy environment but not everyone has a clue on how to create such an environment.

Living in a cluttered environment causes you frustration and stress. Trust me, you don’t need any of that. You need a sound mind. You need to focus on your tasks
You need a conducive environment for productivity. Therefore, you need to prevent clutter as much as possible.

This is not just for highly organized people. You realize your home, apartment, room or office is not usually in order because of clutter. It’s not really a good sight especially to visitors and you want a change, this will help. But first, you must understand that preventing clutter not just de-cluttering requires a whole lot of discipline.

Follow these steps to live an organized life afterwards;


Prevent clutter by preventing unnecessary stuff or properties from coming home. Don’t bother purchasing stuff you don’t need. Save money and save space.


Do a total makeover or remodel of your home or space. When doing so, make sure to dispose, sell or give out unwanted or unnecessary properties. Here are list of things that could find their way out of the house;

  • Spoilt appliances
  • Old dresses
  • Faded jewellery
  • Empty food jars
  • Old tech-VCD, cassette
  • Expired toiletories
  • Books, I mean textbooks of your school days that you will definitely never use.


Use your trashcan regularly without guilt. After a makeover, I believe you don’t want to go back to the same mess. Therefore, dispose things as soon as they become irrelevant. It takes more pain to throw unwanted matters into the trashcan than to litter them around. But it’s always worth it
Make sure to dispose wrappings and cartons after shopping. You don’t need those ones occupying space. The trashcan is a great help if you want to prevent clutter.


Do not procrastinate. As soon as you discover an unwanted thing in your space, do something about it. You take off your clothes, hang it up immediately.
Procrastination requires discipline and like I said earlier, discipline is needed to prevent cluttering.


Prevent clutter by putting things in their place. Cultivate that habit. Replace those pins back in the drawer. They may seem small but they are capable of causing a clutter later.
Clutter begets more clutter


Discover a hot spot. A hot spot is where clutter usually forms. For example, everyone has this chair at home where clothes are usually dumped. That area of the room is usually untidy and contributes a great deal to it’s disorganization.

So what do you do about this hot spot?

Now that you’ve discovered the various hot spots in the house, discipline is next. Decide not to keep anything on that surface and stick to it.


Purge your house daily. Make sure to do a quick de-clutter in the kitchen after dinner. This should be after you must have done the dishes and are about to go to bed. This way, you are sure to prevent clutter to a great extent.


Go for smart furniture, the ones that serve two or more purposes. Go for beds with side drawers. Instead of two beds in the children’s room, go for a bunk. The traditional kitchen cupboards take more kitchen space than the wall cabinets. This way space is saved and clutter prevented.

I discovered recently that how much properties I possess and how I store them determine how less cluttered my space will become.
In summary, take care how much properties you bring home and take care how you store them.

Aside a neat and tidy environment, de-cluttering has benefits that are worth it.
It boosts your mood, increases your productivity level because you become focused, and gives you this sense of accomplishment.

Therefore, decide to prevent clutter from overwhelming your space, decide to live a better life.

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