11 Steps To An Effective Social Media Marketing


Taking advantage of the vast power of the social media can greatly elevate your business to the height it deserves. It is a great space for marketing with untold results when used correctly. These fundamental principles will definitely guide you towards achieving best results through effective social media marketing.

1. Understanding

The foremost thing to do is to understand the various social media platforms you intend to market with. Facebook has different functionalities from Pinterest and YouTube. Make out time to play around their dashboards. Explore their features and Google is always there to help you when things get ambiguous.

2. Perception

Your online image matters a lot. Having great products won’t give you great attention, if your social media appearance is poor. Carve out sizeable time to personalize your social media profiles. Use engaging pictures where necessary. Your details should be concise, truthful and exciting.


3. Patience

It is noteworthy that one doesn’t get the necessary results from social media marketing in a day. As a matter of fact, it is not for the anxious and impatient. It requires weeks and months of persistence and patience. The results trickles in the first few weeks and increases as the weeks roll by.

4. Followership

Social media works with people. The effects of your marketing can only be seen and appreciated when you have hundreds and thousands of people who follow you. Seek to build a large community of followers or connections. The more followers you have in your account, the more likely it is for people to get engaged with your contents.


5. Quality

Despite the importance of having tons of followers, the quality of the followers matters a lot. It may be less fruitful to have 5000 followers dominated by women when you are marketing sports related contents. These awesome followers may be well suited for Fashion. Create strategies which will give you targeted followers that will appreciate and duly engage with your marketing.

6. Value

Humans appreciate fellow humans who add values to their lives. Your followers will be itchy to see your next posts and will even check up your profile daily if and only if your previous posts added value to them.

Don’t make the mistake of bombarding their walls with your seeming annoying marketing publications. If you’re into fashion, try to post useful nuggets on that niche. Let your followers benefit knowledge-wise simply by following you. Your promotions can be posted intermittently.

7. Ripple Effect

Growth on social media is like a ripple effect. When you publish great content on your social media accounts, your followers see, like and share them on their profiles. Their friends get to see the shared posts, like and re-share them.

This will end up giving you more targeted followers and will increase the ranking of such posts on search engines like Google, Bing and Yandex.

8. Responsiveness

Be in the habit of being responsive to feedback from followers. Make time to reply every comment. Fact is, as the comments increases to hundreds, the luxury of time may not be available to reply every one of them. Nonetheless, ensure you go through the comments daily and respond to the most pressing ones. People appreciate it when their views are heard and responses given. It helps to build relationships.


9. Relationship

Strive to make a handful of your “followers” to graduate to “online friends”. The tendency of getting patronization from social media marketing increases when you have a basic relationship with your followers. You might not need to chat up anyone, but the way and manner you respond to comments will go a long way.

10. Reciprocity

One good turn deserves another. Don’t always fold your hands, looking at the computer screen and tracking the engagements to your posts. Try visiting the profiles of your responsive followers. Like and comment on their posts. It makes them feel important and involved. You’ll surely receive better engagements to your subsequent posts. Reciprocity helps to build quality and targeted followers.

11. Consistency

No one is indispensable. Don’t post today and vanish into thin air tomorrow. No matter how good your content is, followers will easily replace you with someone else that provides similar content if you fail to be consistent. Posting once in two days is good, but posting daily is better. Ensure you don’t end up spamming your audience.


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