13 Effective Steps To Promote Your Business Using Social Media


Social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube are no longer new to anyone living in this generation. What’s new to some people is how to effectively leverage the powers of the social media to promote their businesses. Based on experience and survey, I’ve enumerated the following steps on how to give your business the big push it deserves using this media.

  1. Draw A Plan
    The first thing is to draw a plan of what you seek to achieve. A marketing plan for a blog is obviously different for an e-commerce site and also different from or fashion store. Get a plan that is particular to your industry. This plan should contain what you intend to achieve and a road map on how to achieve it. You should also set short and long term goals for this marketing strategy. For effectiveness, you should have at least a website or blog where your potential customers from the social media should be redirected to.

  2. Product-Market Synergy.
    You need to know the market that works for you. There is no point opting for platforms like LinkedIn if you are selling cookies (well, that can work too). If your business hasn’t grown to the stature of accommodating such expenses and if your potential customers are not YouTube favourites, then there is also no business sense investing so much on data for video uploads on YouTube. Understand the various platforms and identify the one that will give you the best result at the best price.

  3. Create Social Media Handles
    You need to create handles on the different social media you want to harness. Ensure the name of the handle is the same as your business name. In rare cases where the name is already taken, for instance on Instagram or Twitter, you can add a number to the end of your choose username. E.g., Notemast01. For Facebook, create a page. Groups are not ideal for publicity.

  4. Go Beyond The Norm
    Don’t just stick to the regulars such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Try other platforms that have good number of users like Pinterest, Tumblr. You never can tell where your traffic will come from.

  5. Download A Good Social Media Management App
    It will be quite difficult to manage numerous social media handles using different applications. Hence, you need an all-in-one management tool. The best I can think of is Hootsuite. It allows you to schedule posts too. I also stumbled upon a good list of other management apps with cool features too. Download a suitable one and link all your handles to it.

  6. Paint A Positive Social Brand Name
    As a way of attracting prospects, (using your business handle) visit other social sites, forums, timeline or handles. Know the trending keywords. Join active discussions and give useful answers to questions. By so doing, you are painting a positive image of your brand and you are also gathering more followers to your handle where you’ve stationed details of your products.

  7. Be The Good Samaritan
    When you have a trusted brand name, you can be approached by people using other brands. Don’t fail to give them useful tips. On social media marketing, relationship is all.

  8. Make Your Handles Busy
    The mistake most business make is that they leave their handles idle for like decades. Customers don’t like that. They see it as lack of seriousness. I know you can get busy with a whole of stuff, but who says a startup is easy. Try to post something at a stipulated interval, perhaps twice a day, once in two days or so. Just ensure there is consistency. You can also share third party contents (not products) that is not detrimental to your business. If you can’t manage the handles on your own, get someone to do it for you.

  9. Use Social Ad Services
    This is for those who have extra cash to spare. Cash or no cash, this is quite important. For instance on Facebook, you can promote the reach of your page and advertise your website at the same time. For just $2, your content can get to as much as 2600 users. I know that’s small, but there are options for higher prices though. YouTube and other platforms offer similar services.

  10. Invite Your Friends To Share
    Family and friends are always there to help. Invite them to share the content of your business handle on their walls or timeline, especially those with mouth-watering number of followers. As a matter of fact, this never fails to give earth shaking results.

  11. Collect Customers Feedback
    Never get carried away with your business schedule and then forget to seek for customers’ feedback. Always be ready to reply their comments and mails. But do this with moderation. Too much comments from you makes you like a regular and jobless attention seeker (in my own words). Remember it is a business handle, so professionalism is key.

  12. Employ New Strategies To Get Customers Involved
    If you are selling products, you can create a monthly photo context whereby customers will upload shots they took holding your product, and the winner can get a little token. This can greatly increase patronization and the followers on your handlers too.

  13. Monitor And Re-strategize
    Monitor the daily, weekly and monthly traffic to your handles and re-strategize accordingly. If you can’t boast of about 1000 views on your Facebook page after a week, then you need to sit up. Go back to your blueprint and draw something better.

I hope these steps will work for you. Happy marketing.

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