13 Ways To Earn Respect Easily


It won’t be an act of exaggeration to say that respect is one of the most craved desires of man. Everyone wants respect but not everyone obviously deserves it.

As good as wealth and power are, they can only give you attention and make people fear you, but they are not sufficient enough to earn you respect.

Respect is a product of people’s judgement of you. It depends so much on your character and qualities. This means that people respect you to the extent of your attributes they appreciate.

In order to earn respect easily, you need to possess the following qualities:

1. Authenticity

You need to be original and real. You shouldn’t be the guy that is living someone’s else. Authenticity means you’ve got your own voice, you’re unique and you’re not living in the shadows of others. You must be proud of yourself, have a high self-esteem and strongly reject any intimidation.

2. Compassion

Showing love is not a duty reserved for people in a particular social class. You need to sympathize and empathize with people who are in need of it. Try to feel the pains of others and make them know that you sincerely understand what they’re going through. Little acts of kindness and encouragement can do more magics than you can imagine.

3. Comportment

Keep your calm at all times. Don’t be too quick to react or raise your voice. Think before you speak and not the other way round. It makes everyone think you are a boss when the tension in your environment does not seem to have an effect on you or your actions.

4. Honesty

Honesty may not be the easiest quality to maintain. In our society today, it easier to live a lie than to be straightforward and true. So anyone who lives against the odds will certainly earn himself a good dose of respect. It entails being totally open, transparent and not double sided.

5. Humility

Only a few persons would want to hang out with someone who thinks too high of himself. Pride will easily get people offended. Don’t sing your own praise. In spite of your affluence, portfolio or societal status, be calm and don’t force everyone to recognize you. When they finally realize how “big” you are in your silence, their respect for you will be off the roofs.

6. Impartiality

You’ve got to be fair and impartial to win someone’s heart. Being sentimental and biased may grant you immediate love and attention from those you favoured, but an act of impartiality can earn you an honourable name for life.

7. Integrity

You are as reliable as your words. A fool can easily be known by his words and actions. Irrespective of the situation, live your life in a way that you’ll maintain high ethical values and remain true to your beliefs.

8. Intelligence

High level of intelligence has a way of distinguishing people. There is no way you won’t be admired and respected when you speak intelligently from a vast ocean of knowledge. Often times, people get intimidated when more knowledgeable people are in their midst. Read books, be up to date with useful trends and don’t talk foolishly.

9. Neatness

You must not be wealthy to look smart and neat. Dress well, keep your house tidy, have a good hairstyle and look presentable. Always ensure that you have a fresh breath, because mouth odour can be repulsive. A deodorant and perfume will make you smell appealingly.

10. Quality Relationships

You are as good as your relationships. Mingle with people with value. When you are always in the company of a thief, it won’t take long for people adjudge you as one.

11. Responsibility

Take charge of your life and be responsible for your actions. Plan your life properly, set SMART goals and aim towards success. You’ve got to stop thinking that the world owes you a responsibility somehow. If you need something, go for it and don’t remain at the mercy of someone else.

12. Selflessness

Who is the first person you think of when you have a decision to make? You need to lay aside the “I” mentality. Think of what you can do for others more than what they can do for you. You’ve got to go out of your way to please others when it matters the most. This does not necessarily mean you’ve got to put yourself at a continuous disadvantage. But you just need to understand that the world is bigger than you.

13. Tolerance

Common sense is not common and disappointments are almost inevitable. Your reactions to people’s deficiency as regards their thinking pattern and actions will totally have a turn on how you’re rated. Don’t be quick to put people away when they make mistakes.

You need to be receptive to ideas and belief systems that are different from yours even though you don’t agree with them. Tolerance is a virtue that can be found in the bosom of the wise.

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