7 Profitable Reasons Why Sexual Abstinence Is The Best For You


In the simplest of terms, abstinence is the practice of self-denial and self-restraint from anything. There are so many things that one can abstain from, ranging from alcohol and drugs to sexual intercourse.

In our modern society, sexual intercourse and relationships are the norms of the day. Every Tom, Dick and Harry have lists of numerous persons that they come in contact with at the slightest opportunity.

As such, abstinence is not actually a topic given much credence. Nonetheless, it has proven to be very beneficial to those who gave it much consideration.

Before you think of having another pre-marital sexual escapade, you should give these 7 reasons a second look.

1. Self-Esteem

Sex is one of the most beautiful things you will ever share with someone. However, the true beauty of it can only be experienced if you share it with the right person.

Unfortunately for many, bad decisions and choices have left them with deep emotional scars, which have weakened them physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

Most people feel tense after having sex before marriage {especially when it does not lead to marriage}. This period is often characterized by a feeling of worthlessness and lack of true value. Having given out something so precious for nothing, the person feels cheap and used.


The regret and guilt of not preserving yourself is not palatable. Research has also shown that guys tend to respect ladies who don’t fall for their sexual baits. Abstinence indeed gives you a chance to hold your self-dignity shoulders high and closes every mouth that would want to drag your name to the mud.

2. Bonding

An emotional link, connection or union is what happens to individuals who find it difficult to abstain from sex. As a woman, when you have sex with an individual, your body releases a hormone called oxytocin during orgasm.

This is a bonding hormone which is also released when a mother breastfeeds her baby and during childbirth. This hormone coupled with the female sex hormone estrogen produces a powerful bonding effect.

What this means is that your psychological will to avoid getting attached must overcome your biological tendency to become emotionally involved with the man or woman you have sex with.

Unfortunately, the bonding effect of oxytocin in men is mitigated due to the male sex hormone, testosterone that bonds so weakly with oxytocin.

So as you continue having sex with the man involved, you grow emotionally attached to him, but he may hardly get attached because the oxytocin has a very weak bonding with his hormone.

It can be quite painful on the long run when you probably find out that you had been a sex tool and was never truly loved.

3. Irrevocable Damage

Being unable to abstain from premarital sexual activities can cause one irrevocable damage of which we know that the greatest is sexually transmitted diseases and infections which will eventually lead to death.

These diseases go a long way in affecting their hosts in diverse ways. Apart from loss of virginity in both parties, itchy private parts are inevitable and of course unplanned parenthood which resulted from unwanted pregnancy.

A lot of people have died from sicknesses contacted through sex, and many are presently under the agony of these diseases. Indulging in this criminal act shortens one’s life span, it’s like signing up for untimely death.

Though there are several ways which people have devised to have “safe sex”. Despite these, however casualties have not stopped mounting the queue.

For example, while a lot of people know that the condom is only about 90% effective, they are not aware that there are some diseases that can evade the condom barrier.

Besides, you cannot really tell who has sexually transmitted diseases. Most young teenage girls have chlamydia, and most of them do not know because some of these diseases do not have easily noticeable symptoms. Abstinence is the best way out.


Sex outside marriage has a lot of adverse side effects, suspicions being one of them. Most men and women that have had sex outside marriage often find it very difficult to trust each other when they are married, even if they engaged in it with each other! This can be a very stabilizing factor in marriage.

A lot of suspicious and negative thoughts will be running through their minds, especially whenever their partners are not with them. Some people can’t cope with the fact that their spouse came back an hour later than usual.

The next thing that comes to their mind is that maybe “he or she was with someone else”. There would always be this inner feeling that their partner is unfaithful to them. People like these, because of their past sexual escapades, finds it difficult to totally trust their partners. Such people hardly experience true peace even when they eventually get married.

5. Infidelity

Difficulty in abstaining from sex breeds infidelity. When a person has had sex before marriage, the memories of the relationship will tend to linger after marriage. If problem occurs in the union, there will be a tendency to compare past sexual partners with his/her spouse. This can lead to extra marital affairs and if not nipped in the bud, the collapse of the marriage.


6. Healthy Relationship

When partners abstain from sex, it gives them time to know each other better and become good friends. Jumping into bed with each other takes up time and prevents them from building friendship. Sex is very addictive and has the potential to make itself the focus of a relationship.

7. Spiritually Unhealthy

Fornication is sexual intercourse between two people who are not married. It is a divine instruction never to indulge in sex with a person other than your lawful spouse.

The eyes of the Lord are too pure to behold sin. If God could turn away his face from Jesus on the cross because the sin of the whole world was upon him, it shows the seriousness of the matter.

The moment a man becomes an object of irritation to the Almighty, it is a big deal. Your prayers become rejected, you lose favor before God and Man.

One of the signs of maturity is discipline. The ability to abstain from sex is one of the greatest acts of self-discipline a person can exhibit.

While many people think that sex is cheap, it is not. The cost of sex is known by both parties when engaged in, but it is potentially unlimited and can send a person’s destiny into bankruptcy. A lot of people try to contain the possible fall out from sex by using various forms and combinations of contraceptives.

However, the truth remains that almost all contraceptives have one negative side effect or the other on a person’s health. Abstinence on the other hand costs nothing and has no side effects. All myths being circulated about the effect of not having sex on a woman’s womb and child birth have no medical backing.

But abstinence is still scientifically, socially and religiously held in high esteem. Abstinence Till Marriage (ATM) is the real deal!

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