8 Biggest Time Wasters In An Entrepreneur’s Day


Have you ever had the feeling that 24 hours isn’t sufficient enough for each day? Well, most people do. The unfortunate reality is that nothing can be done to increase the number of hours per day, but time wasters can be eliminated.

Consolingly, there a number of things to do to ensure that the 24 hours becomes sufficient enough to give you the productivity you desire.

There are handfuls of time wasters that entrepreneurs get entangled in on daily basis that need to be addressed. You will be so shocked at how many hours they consume from your time daily.

1. Email Management

What’s the first thing you check each time you enter your office everyday? The unfinished business of yesterday or emails? For many it is emails. The heartbreaking thing is that they don’t stop coming. Mails keep rolling in on hourly basis.

You need to define a daily time frame for the management of your mails, else you will spend the entire day doing nothing save for responding to clients’ mails. Better still, some “unnecessary” mails should be sent to your customer care, or other units of the business while you receive the ones specific and more directly related to you.

2. Calls Management

Mails are only second to calls. First, you must realise that as an entrepreneur you are not a customer care representative. I know that hiring one may not be very easy for new startups due to the financial implications of staffing.

Nonetheless, it is expedient that you have someone who is meant to manage issues of this nature perfectly while you run after other things.

Having a customer care representative won’t completely rid you of calls because there are calls you alone are meant to take. You also need to define a time frame for responding to calls and voicemail. Some calls can be as long as the great wall of China.

You need to realise that you don’t have the luxury of time. As much as you can, try to convert such calls, especially the irrelevant ones to mails. It will save you a whole lot of time.

3. Haphazard Daily Plans

The last business day ended late. You had a brief dinner and retired to bed as soon as you got home. Waking up in the morning, you stormed the office again to continue from where you stopped the previous day without any definite plan for the day. I know that feeling.

This will only make each day to be like the former if not worse. An entrepreneur must learn how to plan himself. You don’t just go to work each day and respond to everything life throws at you.

You shouldn’t sit back on the arm rest and wait for a client to walk into the office before you get something to do for the day. Learn to throw afore planned and calculated punches.

Before each new day, prepare a checklist of what you seek to achieve for that day. It should contain carryover issues from previous day and plans for the new day. Learn to stick to the schedule on the list and give a little time tolerance for unforseen circumstances.

4. Meetings

Closing deals are equivalent to cash and you don’t close deals without meetings. Despite the importance of meetings, most meetings are not relevant, or they just don’t worth your attendance. The sooner you realise this, the better.

As an entrepreneur, don’t be surprised when you get mails to attend every single business meeting on earth. Come on, your email address may be in every business mailing list in the globe.

It is expedient you turn a blind eye to unnecessary meetings. Especially those that runs for 2 hours or more. You could achieve much with that time.

If the meeting is so important for your business, you can as well send one of your team members if your presence is not mandatory.

5. Delegation

Another big time waster is the inability of entrepreneurs to delegate duties to team members.

Starting up a business can be quite fun and inspiring. With so much zeal and adrenaline pumping through your veins, you will want to personally attend to every matter in the business. As responsible as this may seem, it is actually not very wise. This is one of the major causes of stress among businessmen.

Learn to hire trusted hands that can ensure that the business is running perfectly with or without your presence. This doesn’t only saves you time, but it will also improve the survivability of the business.

6. Break Time

Break is necessary for short relaxation and lunch. It is necessary to ease away the stress of the business day. But being the boss can easily be a license to mismanage this time.

20 to 40 minutes should be enough to carter for this. One hour is too much to spare for lunch break. For some entrepreneurs, ordering lunch to be delivered to the office will save them the time of driving to the nearest restaurants.

Others prefer to bring to lunch in food flasks from home each morning. Either way, lunch time can be a good time waster when mismanaged and should be properly channeled towards something more productive.

7. Ideas And Diversification

The greatest asset of an entrepreneur is the mind. That is the bowel of ideas. Managing a good business does not stop the mind from focusing on new ideas and other investment opportunities.

At times, brooding these ideas can be time intensive. It entails penning them down, making researches, drawing charts and thinking about several possibilities. These activities can consume a chunk of your time daily and will thus certainly encroach into the time for other activities.

You can pen down the key points in these ideas and make your researches at the end of the business day.

8. Social Media

Social media is addictive and entrepreneurs are not free from its addiction. There should be a conscious effort to pull away from the claws of social media engagement.

When you resume work each day, it will be productive for you not to visit any of your social media accountd unless they are sources of business prospect for you.

Even in that scenario, be disciplined enough to leave once your intent for visiting has been accomplished.

#Time is an important asset. The more time we can save, the more productivity we can achieve. Please tell us how this has helped.

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