8 Reasons Why You Should Hate Christmas


My hatred for Christmas is contained in a bowl of emotional avalanche of diverse feelings.

Yuletide indeed is a season of love and fun. It’s indisputably the most looked forward season of the year. It marks the end of businesses’ calendar year and it’s generally referred to as the “holiday.”

My hatred for the Christmas holidays is not religiously motivated, neither is it an expression born out of sadism. However is not far from the psychological paralysis it subjects people to.

1. Over Commercialised Holiday With Outrageous Expenses

The Christmas season is the most expensive season to scale through in a year. The price of everything just seems to rise. Prices keep hitting the roof until it busts it open. A dress that is worth $20 can sell for as much as $33 only in Christmas seasons.

In countries like Nigeria, there is always scarcity of petroleum products, because petrol stations owners always selfishly hoard the products in order to hike price.

The cost of transportation is also off the hook in most parts of Tue world. It is just doubled.

Shopping malls and grocery stores in spite of their acclaimed Christmas slashes surprisingly still sell things at ridiculously high prices.

2. Family Hypocrisy

Christmas is that season of the year when you call and profess love to friends and family that you’ve not talked with for over 350 days.

I personally receive tons of messages and calls even from people I never knew still exist every Christmas. The feeling of love it projects is almost inexhaustible, but after the New Year, I always get to realise that what I felt those times was not a free flowing love. Rather, it is a temporary and hypocritical expression that was mandated by the euphoria of the season. True love won’t forget one until the next 365 days.

3. People Have Lost The Reason For The Season

Though history can never dissociate Christmas from pagan festivals, but for Christians, December 25th is accepted as the birthday celebration of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Funny enough, people who profess the Christian faith always tend to lose focus on the reason for their celebration. They carelessly party away without having a thought or reflection on the personality of Jesus they claim to adore at Christmas.

If I was invited to a birthday party, and I don’t see or feel the presence of the celebrant, is that party worthwhile?

4. Kids Extortion At Broad Daylight

Apart from the elderlies, the happiest set of individuals at Christmas are kids. You can never take away the joy of Christmas from them. They get to eat all they want, receive a rare permit to go virtually (morally, and logically) anywhere and they receive lots of gifts.

In addition to this, they also obtain a week long “badge for extortion”. Like for real, in the euphoria of the season, I get to face kids who will never let go of me until I’ve squeezed some Naira notes into their neatly opened palms.

The most painful part is that if you give 200 Naira to Ricky, make up your mind to give another to Nicky, Dicky, Micky, Dawn and every other kid present.

5. Joyous Increase In Weight

Is it that people totally lose self-control during Christmas or something similar to that?

It is really very sad to know that after frequenting the gym from January to December in a bid to lose scores of calories and to maintain a perfect body shape, that in less than two weeks, one will consume so much food that will send him back to the gym as an oversized human.

Little wonder that in January, people are forced to slim fit their dresses or to just get new clothes all together.

6. Travelling Accidents

Based of statistics, the number of recorded road accidents during yuletide season is far more than that in every other season of the year.

There is always a “road rush” during Christmas. Everyone wants to travel on time. Flights are fully booked, buses are fully boarded and the roads are damn too busy. The recklessness of drivers is off the hook and unfortunately, most people who hoped to receive their loved ones in peace only get the sad news of their demise.

7. Party It All Towards The Bed

Have you noticed that a lot of babies get born in September and early October? Well, that’s my own observation. But for real, Christmas is synonymous for loose living.

The high level of immorality can be quite overwhelming. Bottles of beers are emptied in their numbers. Cigarettes and hard drugs are chocolates for some people. Ladies often never resist the temptation to end up in bed with practically anyone. So so sad. Little wonder that September and early October have more babies to celebrate.

8. Save To Waste

The most annoying reason why Christmas should be hated is wastefulness.

People literally spend all they’ve gathered in the year within a space of two weeks. Christmas literally sucks every penny out of you. After the New Year celebration, people return to ground zero.

I simply can’t comprehend the degree of wastefulness perpetrated at Christmas. It’s both logically, financially and morally incorrect for one to be outrageously flamboyant all in the name of a celebration.

Christmas is a wonderful season of the year, but if only we can live a life of love all year long and cut off a whole lot of excesses, then everyday will be a joyful Christmas for us.

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