Author Nonso Nwagbo

I'm a certified computer engineer who just can't ignore the necessity and beauty of the pen. I'm a seasoned poet, writer and blogger with a focus on business and entrepreneurship. There a quite a good number of articles to my accolade, and they are all geared towards impacting lives positively with a drive towards success.

negative words

How to develop a thick skin against negative words

My niece ran into the room crying profusely. The tears ran uncontrollably down her cheeks. I’ve known her to be a very cheerful girl, but the pains she was going through proved otherwise. After minutes of weeping, she finally opened…

beauty and character

Beauty Can Bring Him, But Character Will Chase Him

Virtually every lady in this contemporary age knows how to win a guy over. There are a million articles online on make-up artistry and dressing expertise. While these are tools for making a guy beg after you, you need to…

womb of dawn

[Poem]: Womb Of The Dawn

It shall come to pass When the sun is brightest The breeze cool and tame, Trees humming in melody And birds chirping away swiftly When men shall thirst For the true and sincere When bread is scarce And the wine…

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