Is Your Next Birthday Worth Celebrating


Have you ever asked yourself that question before? Can you draft out 10 tangible reasons why you should throw a party for your next birthday celebration? Don’t answer me yet, just keep thinking.

My short sojourn on earth so far has taught me that loneliness is very real and it kills. But family can be an effective cure. One of my sweet cousins visited me a couple of weeks ago just before my birthday. She came to salvage me with the curative powers of her care and attention.

She is not only beautifully and wonderfully made by God on a day when HE was exceedingly happy, she was also designed to be a perfectly crazy cook. We had a nice time together and I ate a good home made meal for the first time in a long while.

While our chins were growing fat in laughter as we saw movies after movies, she reminded me of something that threw me in an avalanche of despair.

That wasn’t the first time I was hearing what she told me, but it was as though the effect it had on me that night was bitterly overwhelming.

What she said was something everyone should get happy about, but surprisingly, I wouldn’t say I was.

Away from the suspense, in paraphrase, she basically said,
“Wow, Nonso, so you will be a year older by March 25th?”.

That was all she needed to say to give me an unprecedented mood swing.
I literally got lost just as it happens in Hollywood movies.

And like a modern domino effect, I lucidly saw my thoughts wandering far beyond the shores of my room.

She had no idea what was going on in my mind. It was practically difficult for me to flow with the tides of the discussion afterwards.

Let’s just say, I’m very grateful to God for life, but beyond that, I kept asking myself if my new age was worth celebrating.

Before you start thinking that this guy is crazy and unreasonably ungrateful, I’d pose that question back to you:


Come on, ain’t gonna compare you with Michael Dell or some other great achievers while in their early 20’s. Everyone has his/own time an clock. But let’s think about it, if you turned 21 this year, can you itemize 21 great things you’ve achieved since the day you got a ticket to live on planet earth?

Don’t tell me, you’re a graduate, there are lots of graduates on the streets on Nigeria with no jobs.

Don’t mention you’re Christian either, because there are lots of Christians in the world whose lives have no Kingdom implication.

Okay, I’m gonna make it easier. Get a pen and write down the names of people whose lives you’ve directly impacted tremendously. By that, I don’t mean the names of people you gave a 5000 naira bill some time ago, I mean real impact.

What does your list say? Anything reasonable?

Apart from having a beautiful wardrobe with numerous online and offline admirers, what else?

Am I being too hard?

Besides been a source of joy to your parents (of course they should love you), can you think of tangible reasons why someone should waste his/her tears crying at your funeral if God should withdraw his breathe from you today?

You know, I’m so tired of reading birthday threads with comments like, “GOD BLESS YOUR NEW AGE” and “AGE WITH GRACE”.

I kinda think that’s the problem. A lot of us are AGING instead of GROWING.

Both are two different things. While the former deals with FREE FALL DUE TO GRAVITY, the latter means RISING AGAINST GRAVITY INTO SPACE.

Which are you doing? Are you living your life each day waiting to accept what life has to offer or are you meticulously and steadfastly walking in alignment with the perfect blueprint for your life?


You could be 30 years old and only two years of your life have been reasonably productive while the rest was a wasted investment.

Did I say that birthday celebrations are wrong? Absolutely not!
As a matter of fact, I look forward to a beautiful time with friends and family later this month.

But the next time you think of celebrating your birthday, ask yourself, “BEYOND GOD’S FAITHFULNESS IN MY LIFE, WHAT ELSE IS WORTH CELEBRATING?”

Photo Credit: Chica Daily

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