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womb of dawn

[Poem]: Womb Of The Dawn

It shall come to pass When the sun is brightest The breeze cool and tame, Trees humming in melody And birds chirping away swiftly When men shall thirst For the true and sincere When bread is scarce And the wine…


[Poem]: Letter To My Val

Dear, My one and true lover. The prince with the midas touch, Need I remind you of your charming smiles? Those beautiful brown eyes of yours. Surely, I can’t dissipate into oblivion, the melody in my heart when you giggle…


[Poem]: MacAnne

Mulier A woman, I mean Hairs on her hairs, a lady Strength within – wit of lads Structure, I’ll break and leave fractures. Pattern forgone as drops in the tavern, I’ll pass Yea, her glamour, I can’t surpass An hiring,…

El Precioso

[Poem]: El Precioso

I choose to write of el precioso. At the spot light of reasoning In the thick forest of the Amazonians I sought to catch reason and picture the future. For el precioso, I decided to know what seasoned time holds,…

unfinished painting

[Poem]: Unfinished Painting

I’ll take a brush, I’ll paint the walls; Ain’t gonna rush, Just gentle strokes. A canvas’ been hanging o’er the wall: Its belly ready to swallow the portraiture. And a frame longing to seal it up: In an embrace, inseparable.…

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