Effective Business Ideas And Market For Poetry


The bitter truth is that poetry gains poor patronization in the society. It’s seen as an art for beginners or literal work for self gratification, that is always displayed during special functions. As a poet, I can experientially say that poetry has a soul and shouldn’t be allowed to die. I hope these ideas will give your search for poetic market a meaning.



  • Develop Yourself
  • Don’t be in a hurry to have a name for yourself if your works are not up to standards. Poetry despite the freedom it preaches has rules. Try to understand literature and literal devices. Study and comprehend the different types of poems, their patterns and structures. I’ve seen a number of self-acclaimed poets who doesn’t know the meaning of “iambs” and as a result, they’ve barely written any structured piece. Before you put your work out there, ensure that they’re the best ever.

  • Submit Works To Literary Groups And Organizations
  • In most arts-advanced nations, Governments, Universities and NGO’s set up literary organizations through which monthly journals or magazines can be published. Try and Google for of any of such groups in your country. Pitch them. Write a piece, get rejected, try again and over again. Platforms like this helps you gain recognition, and recognition is an important emblem in arts.

  • Gain An Online Presence
  • A good poet can easily write short pieces in zero time. It doesn’t need to be very structured or patterned, just write something that the layman can relate with. Upload it on your social media handles. Let people know who you are. It’s another way of gaining recognition. There is no way I can contract you to write for me if I never knew you are a poet. Don’t just have a title, show proven works.

  • Poetic Presentations In Functions
  • Now this is a good way of making cash. Concerts, anniversaries, birthdays, dinners, parties, memorials, funerals are thrown every weekend around the globe. This is the big market that poets have failed to see. You can approach any of the organisers and give them a good value proposition. I have an extensive article on this here. The market for that is still very unoccupied.

  • Get A Blog or Website
  • The essence of a blog is to have an online database where people can access your works. In this time and age, every business should have a digital presence. You don’t need to buy a domain, a free domain such from Blogger will serve. Ensure you write occasionally and post there.

  • The Million Dollar Idea
  • Okay, I’m gonna sell this at no cost. Have you ever imagined the existence of an online store where people can pay for customised poems and short articles to be used in birthdays and other functions? Perhaps you’ve not. But here is the thing, I’ve searched but I’ve not found any. Design an e-commerce site where people who have birthdays and special anniversaries to celebrate can request for special customised poems at a token of about $2 to $10. They’ll drop details of the celebrant and you can use your ingenuity to carve something beautiful and “BEFITTING” for them. I often get contracted to write anniversary articles for people I’ve never seen. The works are always so beautiful that the celebrants have never believed they were written by someone who has never seen them people. Ain’t gonna say much about this. Try it out and thank me later.

  • Partner With Greeting Card Companies
  • Well, this is what most people recommend. But I think it’s lame though, because greeting cards are getting extinct with time. Nevertheless, if it is still in vogue in your locality, give it a try. Approach them, write different pieces for them at a price.

  • Poetry Painting Partnership (PPP)
  • This is what I call the killer. I’m a strange lover of art and I believe in the bond that joins all her disciplines. Paintings and graphic works are so much in vogue. It is part of the best birthday present you can give to someone in this age. Form a partnership with any good painter you know. Get him to draw portraits of people or any jaw dropping piece. Then write a short piece that he will engrave on the canvas. The norm is just art work with no write up. Go beyond the norm. Trust me, you won’t run out of customers.

  • The Poetry Evening
  • Organise a poetry dinner or party and feature guest music appearances and other stage performances. Invite other good poets (friends will save cost), then render a monologue or dialogue. I call it “Written Voices”. Recite poems in magic styles. People may not necessarily want to come for the dinner just because of the poetry, but the music and other stage performances will drag their feet to the hall. Don’t forget to make Poetry the Lord of the evening. Your fee is the gate pass invitees will pay.

  • Publish Your Works In Paying Journals
  • Apart from publishing your works in books, which is a good idea. I came across a site that has a catalogue of publications and journals where poets can submit their works for publication. Yea, they pay poets. I’ve not submitted any work there though, but it’s worth a try.

  • Ingenuity
  • I have a desire of seeing poetry rise unto glory. A couple of these ideas are barely harnessed. The era of printing books is fast fading away. What’s gonna save the poets of our generation is ingenuity. Think of crazy ideas beyond the norm. People who are not art inclined don’t have time to read long poetic pieces. Think of ideas that deals more on renditions and recitation, and cash won’t elude your pockets.

    Share your success story with me. Good luck.


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