10 Embarrassing Grooming Issues People Won’t Talk To You About


Have you ever been in that situation where you are talking with someone but your attention is totally focused on the person’s grooming issues and you don’t know to point it out because it was totally embarrassing?

I’ve been in that kind of situation a million and one times. It’s always embarrassing to point out such issues especially in cases of wardrobe malfunction.

The painful truth is that if you fail to point them out, you will only expose that person to more embarrassment when others notice it.

So what I do is to politely speak out even if it will quash their egos.

The list of such grooming issues are numerous, but here are the most common ones.

1. Bad breathe

This is epic. It can literally make you wish for a discussion to end sooner than you planned. Most people are oblivious to the fact that their breathe smells, and they ironically talk more in the heat of it.

Bad breathe often arises when one doesn’t talk for long, especially when one wakes up from a long nap. To avoid such, it’s important to brush your teeth at least twice daily, paying special attention to the tongue. As a lifesaving hack, use mints or gums when you notice changes in your breath.

2. Body odor

Attributing it entirely to lack of regular bathing would be a wrong conclusion because there are medically acclaimed reasons why the skins of people emit some foul odor even after bathing.

Whatever the case is, personal hygiene is key. But you can always avoid the embarrassment by applying a deodorant and wearing a good cologne. They never fail. Buy them and smell fresh every day.


3. Smelly hairs

This is mostly common among ladies with long hairs. It’s exceedingly embarrassing because a lady may appear like a queen from afar only for you to be repelled by the stench from her hairs when you come closer.

Three major causes of smelly hairs are sweats on the scalp, wet hairs that are not properly
aired, and poor hair treatment.

It’s expedient that hairs are allowed as much air as possible. This will considerably rid it of any bad odor. Also, wash your hairs as often as necessary. A visit to your salon will give you more practical approach to conquering this issue.

4. Rumpled clothes

Sincerely, it doesn’t take so much to press your clothes in the morning before stepping out of the house. I must admit it, guys are the major culprits.

It’s not cool to be rough. If you don’t have time to press your clothes, send them to a dry cleaner to take care for you. It’ll only cost you a few dollars.

5. Unshaved pubic region

You can keep telling yourself, that your pubic regions are private to you and it remains your business alone. Well, in as much as there are elements of truth in that, it’s still not a yardstick to leave them unkempt.

Someday you’d have to lift up hands while on sleeveless clothes only to reveal armpits that are as bushy as a forest. Trust me, it’s not appealing to the eyes.

This also applies to the lower pubic region. This region is always hidden from the public view and has a high tendency of smelling when unshaved.

6. Unshaved beards

Thumbs up to the guys that belong to the beard gang. They are super cool and I admire them. My issue is actually with guys that don’t have well-groomed beards and mustache – I mean those guys that need to shave every three days.

If you belong to such class, then don’t make us see you on the fifth day without a clean shave. It literally makes you scattered, confused and unkempt, except you’re working towards being part of the beard gang.


7. Waxy Ears

That awkward moment when you mistakenly look at a friend’s ears only to see dark brown wax begging for attention in the ears. Phew.

At that instant, you try to imagine the last time those ears felt the touch of cotton buds. Well, I try not to imagine.

At least once in three weeks, rid your ears of every dirt that may seek to build a castle in them.

8. Dirty nails

I certainly have no issues with keeping long nails irrespective of your gender. The challenge always arises when you’re not able to keep them neat.

You need to always be on the watch for that. Wash your hands as often as necessary. And use something safe to pick your nails. If you’re tired of keeping the nails, use nail clippers on them. Please don’t bite your nails! It’s not a hygienic practice.

9. Smelly Feet

The odor that emanates from some people’s feet when they pull off their shoes is enough to cause a volcanic eruption. Like for real, such stench deserves a Guinness world record.

To avoid being the center of attraction each time you pull of your shoes, ensure you air or wash your shoes every time you notice foul odors in it. Aside from that, don’t wear a pair of stockings more than once. Be disciplined enough to change into a new pair every day.

10. Wardrobe malfunction

I earlier said that this is one of the most embarrassing grooming issues that I hate to address. Guys can be trapped in this closet, but the major victims of wardrobe malfunction are ladies.

If I could scream it at the top of my voice, I’ll do it over and over again.

Ladies, please make good use of your mirrors before stepping out. Decency and modesty should be your watchword. I’m seriously tired of telling ladies to adjust their blouses or jeans. Well, guys need to be conscious of their zippers too.

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