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Notemast is a blog that is centered on entrepreneurship, business, inspirational and success nuggets.

If you’ve gone through this blog and wants to be a contributor, please carefully read this page before you post your submission.

Being a contributor on Notemast doesn’t cost a thing. However, there are a number of guidelines that have been put in place for contributors. These guidelines are not placed to disqualify anyone’s article, but to ensure that readers are always served quality articles, just the way they love it. I need to say it again, guest posting on Notemast isn’t rocket science. Feel free to pitch us.

Outgoing Links

  • Your bio should contain at most two links leading to your blog/page or social media handles.
  • The content of the article should have a minimum of four outgoing links.
  • You can link to articles on Notemast, your blog or any other site.
  • The links was be relevant to the topic being written on.
  • You MUST NOT link to any site (including yours) that contains spammy contents.

Content Quality

  • Read a few articles on this blog to get a feel of the voice and tone used here.
  • Articles must be well detailed and unique.
  • Don’t write articles on popular topics, for instance “How to make money online”.
  • Articles must have a word count of 1000 or more words. I love lengthy articles.
  • Articles must be original content written by you.
  • Articles should contain verified facts and figures where necessary.
  • Articles must not have spelling or grammatical errors. Please ensure you review your articles over and over again. My readers are quite sensitive to that.
  • The article has to be in line with Notemast’s theme and focus which has been defined above.
  • Articles must not contain hate, vulgar, discriminatory, racial or gender biased word(s) or statement(s).


  • By sending an article through the established medium, and being published on notemast.com, you automatically relinquish every right to the article.
  • You agree not to re-publish this article on your blog or on any other platform whatsoever.
  • Notemast reserves the right to pull down the published article or edit its contents (including its topic) before and after publishing without seeking for your permission.
  • This agreement is binding even if notemast.com should change its domain in the future.
  • You agree to give replies to comment made on the article.

How To Submit A Guest Post

  • Send a mail containing 3 topics for consideration to info@notemast.com
  • You’ll receive a response as soon as possible containing the chosen topic among the 3.
  • Send the article (strictly the chosen topic) as an attachment in .doc or .docx format.
  • The mail should also contain:
    ― Links to other content you have published. (If any. If you don’t have, it is not an issue).
    ― A short bio.
    ― Your head-shot. (A picture that concentrates on your head and the upper chest region, but not a passport photograph).