How Poor Deadline Management Is Killing Your Business


One of the necessary virtues any business needs to build is integrity. Clients cannot lavish their trust on businesses that lack it.

Integrity goes beyond the provision of good services. It also cuts across the prompt delivery of the services.

It is actually pointless for one to place an order for an amazing wedding gown from the best clothing line, just for it to be delivered hours after the wedding ceremony.

Bad deadline management is as bad as having groceries delivered to your house after the dinner guests have gone home. It obviously means that the host opted for a faster option.

Below are five effects of poor deadline managements that every business needs to avoid irrespective of their grossly tight schedules.

1. Loss Of Customers To Competitors

Customers can be erratic. Often times, businesses fail to understand this because they feel they control the largest market share. Three of the essential things customers need are Quality Products, Great Price and Amazing Customer Service.

They may have that love for your brand, but will not think thrice to settle for a competitor who have a better offer. Who cares about brand names at the expense of prompt customer service deliveries?

2. Lack of business professionalism

Integrity and Punctuality are two of the four pillars of professionalism. Integrity centers on being true to one’s word while punctuality hovers around keeping to time. Anyone who lacks these is already deemed as being unprofessional.

Rarely would anyone opt for an unprofessional fashion designer to tailor his suit. The customer will have his heart in his mouth while he waits anxiously for delivery.

Borrowing a leaf from the movie, Transporter, apart from his fighting prowess, his greatest trademarks are Integrity and Punctuality.

3. Negative Reviews

If there is anything that has the greatest negative effect on business growth, then it must be negative reviews.

Statistics have shown that small businesses with an extra review star on Yelp (the number one local business review site) gets 10% rise in revenue due to more patronizers. While those with a star less gets about 10 – 15% decline in revenue.

A number of those negative reviews were influenced by negative deadline experiences that customers had. The adverse effect of negative reviews have forced many businesses out of the market.

4. Financial Implications

Any issue that concerns management always leaves a print on the financial status of a business. It affects the profit margin adversely.

Financial losses due to poor deadline managements are not always obvious on short term considerations, but the curve gets sharper when viewed over a period of months.

Apart from this, aggrieved customers often file law suits against businesses due to breach of agreements as stipulated in SLA’s or other terms of service.

5. Strain Relationships And Blame Games

Whenever a business gets axed, the chopped bits of wood falls of the employees.

It is always a regular practice for employers to apportion blame on employees for not beating deadline. Someone just has to take the blame, and “employers are always blame free” – so they think.

Such avoidable scenarios has never failed to cause frictions within organizations.

Poor deadline managements can be corrected. There are a number of effective steps to take in order to improve deadline management. Try out those steps and see the results.

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