How To Successfully Fulfil Your New Year Resolutions Without Excuses


It’s no longer news that at the beginning of every year people get so engrossed in making “New Year Resolutions” that they may never keep. A lot of people have so made a ritual out of it that even kids now recite those words like nursery rhymes.

Resolutions are statements of strong intents. They define what has been determined to do. Contextually, they can be referred to as plans or goals.

The problem is not often the willingness to make plans, rather it is the successful execution of the plans.

I guess you might have seen a lot of write-ups on planning and goal-setting already, so let’s drop that aside a little.

The essence of this article is not to further inspire you to make sweet and ambitious goals, but to enlighten you on practical and effective steps to take in order to fulfill any realistic goal that you are focused on this year.

These steps are proven to be effective for just any kind of person with a touch of discipline. Trust me, a 9-year old can follow this through fruitfully.

1. Forget About New Year And Think Of New You

If your resolutions are motivated by the euphoria or vibes of a season or by people, then such resolutions will not survive a journey of two weeks. Focus less on the “new year” and more on you, your development, challenges and growth.

2. Have Realistic Goals

Don’t try to impress anyone by having very bogus and “difficult to actualize” goals. You’re not in a competition with anyone. It’s better you “snailishly” crawl your way to success than run your way to failure.

Take out time to think your goals through. Like I said earlier, the aim here is not for you to be inspired to target lofty goals, but to be empowered to execute any reasonably targeted goal.

3. Pen That Stuff Down

Ink lasts longer than thoughts. Get a nice looking book where you will pen down your New Year resolutions and all that pertains to it. The idea is that, even if you brain mistakenly loses track of any detail, you will always have something to fall back on. Also that book will be used for your resolutions’ appraisal.

4. Start Executing Your Plans Now

There is no right time to start. Stop feeding yourself with that excuse, it will make you grow fat in failure. Start now. The longer you take to start the more difficult it takes to maintain the drive.

5. Set Target For Your Goals

Don’t just plan to accomplish a whole lot of things before the end of 2018, you need to set monthly targets and evaluation points. Divide your goals into short term and smaller goals. For instance, if you plan to read 60 books in 2018, make up your mind to read at least 5 books every month.

6. Be Accountable To Someone

You need someone who will ginger you, and even make jest of you each time you don’t meet up with your targets. In crude words, you need someone who is going to be a pain in your arse to ensure you get no rest until you get your job done. If one person is not enough, spread the word until you get enough reliable and annoying people to keep you going.

7. Join An Encouraging Community

Associate yourself with like-minded people. Join Whatsapp groups and other social media forums where that goal is the primary focus. Meet people that have similar goals. If you don’t create a favourable environment for the acutalization of your goals, you will get discouraged in no time.

8. Read The Right Pages

Visit blogs, read books and watch videos that are related to your goal. It will greatly condition your mind positively. Also read books that will build your focusing prowess.

9. Manage Your Time Adequately

You might want to know what time management has got to do with this. The fact is EVERYTHING. Most people don’t fulfil their new year resolutions because they managed their time as poorly as they did the previous year.

One of your principal goals will be to make the best use of every minute you are blessed with. You certainly have to cut down on your chit chats, television hours and a whole lot of unproductive stuff. To understand the value of one second, ask Usian Bolts.

10. Don’t Fail The Mind Test.

Never doubt your ability to finish the year strong. When you lose the challenge in your mind, there is absolutely no way you will fulfil your year’s resolution. Be positive and never ever fail the mind test.


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