3 Reasons Why Ladies Should Refuse Expensive Gifts From Guys


Gifts can be a snare to the receiver and a door to the giver. If there is anything that I learnt from the Holy Bible, then it must be, The gifts of a man maketh way fom him. This rule is true for everyone irrespective of your religion. But it’s also practically applicable to relationships. That is why ladies need to refuse expensive gifts from guys whose motive is to build a highway to their hearts.

You might never have known, but gifts is the fastest way to win one’s heart. It’s one of the five love languages, the others being:

  • Acts of service
  • Words of affirmation
  • Quality time
  • Physical touch

The 5 love languages tell us how to easily win the heart of others. Among the five gifts has proven to be the easiest to exhibit. A little reminder of the Greek mythology and you’ll realize that it was a gift called the Trojan horse, that Greece deceptively used to attack the people of Troy.

If a gift can be a weapon disguised enough to ambush a nation, how much more dangerous will it be to a lady.

Does it therefore mean that all gifts from guys should be refused? No.

Rather what it means is that as a lady, you must exercise caution when accepting gifts from guys, most especially guys who you know have profound interest in you for a relationship. This does not play down the need to welcome favors when you’re in need. It also doesn’t mean that every guy who presents you with a gift does so with an ulterior motive at heart.


Nah. There are lots of good guys out there who sincerely love to help others without attaching any string whatsoever. But how easy is it to differentiate between these sincere guys and the cunning ones? You just need to have it at the back of your mind that every favor may be repaid someday.

It’s always better to have others owe you favors than to owe them.

1. Expensive gifts take away your power to say NO

Gifts makes a dog crow and makes a lion meow. The more expensive gifts you receive from a guy, the more difficult it will be to say no to his demands. Guys understand this principle. That’s why they are always quick to flaunt their cash and luxurious cars around unsuspecting ladies.

They believe every lady has a price. And at the right price, you will succumb to their desires. Gifts work like bribes, they make you lose your sense of reason and judgment. The more you receive, the more corrupted you will be in judgment.

2. Expensive gifts make you indebted

Can you draft a chart of all the guys making advances towards you? Draw a column showing the worth of gifts you’ve received from each of them? Rate how much you like each of the guys on a scale of 1 – 10?

Now, which of them do you think you would not want to disappoint on the basis of expensive gifts received? Most likely, it’s going to be the guy that has lavished on you the most gifts. You feel you owe him something. You feel it’ll be bad of you to tell him you don’t love him after “all he has done for you.”

On the long run, you may end up entering a relationship with someone you don’t truly love simply because you want to return a favor that was done to you via expensive gifts.

Ladies, your heart is too expensive to be bought with gifts. Remember that.

If you must accept expensive gifts, meticulously resolve in your heart that you’re not indebted to repay the favor in any way.

3. Expensive gifts blind your eyes to realities

Every lady should have a checklist of what his dream man should satisfy in aspects of looks, character, intelligence, educational qualifications, career, financial disposition, benevolence and spirituality among others.

But do you know it’s possible to quash this list immediately a guy presents you with an enticing expensive gift? I have seen it happen a number of times and it still happens today. Why? Because everyone has a price.

This is the reason why a lot of ladies have ended up in messed up relationships and marriages simply because their appetite is high and their price is too low for virtually any guy to reach.

You need to make yourself expensive enough that Bill Gates won’t be able to buy you over. The more expensive gifts you receive, the more you lose touch of realities until you eventually replace the important with the unimportant.

It’s never too late to make the right choice now. Have a rethink!

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