MY LUST FOR WOMEN: Letter To My Love


It’s exactly 6:18pm as I write
On Wednesday, August 8th, 2018
It’s no August occasion
Nothing worthy of a champagne
No clinking of glasses
Yet I consider this moment special
Quite stellar to a fault
For strange thoughts dawned on me this day
And illumination visited me

For the first time in a quarter
My mind perused through quarters uninhabited
To bizarre territories I knew not
This day, this moment
I think of my Woman Crush Wednesday:
My heat in the winter
My strawberry in a French garden

But sadly
I know her not

I haven’t searched enough
I’m yet to put a notice in the streets
Though my mind wonders aim-fully
It hadn’t picked up her scent
Nor discerned her from the crowd
Her face is yet a variable
Hidden from my human comprehension
Perhaps I’ve seen her unknowingly
Perhaps I’ve not

But for now, I know emotions are real
And they haunt me on my every side

This day, this moment
I write to you, the unknown damsel
Whom I crush on this Wednesday and always
The one whose bosom shall my head lay
Patting my weary heart to sleeps unforgotten
Perhaps I’ve seen you unknowingly
Perhaps I’ve not
But I write to you
Cos you’ve stayed hidden for too long
In the crescendos of anonymity

I write to you stress-fully
Hoping you will stumble on this
If you do
Please save it
For you’ll recite these words to my hearing
On the first night after our rings had crossed:

I’m solemn
A man with beards
With heart so frail
I think of money
I think of fame
But the lust for women
Is most difficult to overcome

Daily I see ladies
Diverse shapes and endowments
Hearts made of gold
Voices of nightingales
Beauties beyond the rivers
And demeanor of utter splendor

I fight to keep them off
I struggle to remain poise
Lest my heart be darkened
And my intents perverted
But ain’t strong
Ain’t strong enough for you
I often end up looking twice
Feeding my heart
With the beam of their magnificence

It’s a war! A battle I engage in
While I search endlessly for you
Waiting for the day we’ll consummate
And sway in an ocean of pleasure
A day I often pray to come sooner
Before wars creep in
And the world faces its end
With the appearance of the Christ in the sky

Appear quickly and come to my room dear
I’ll show you the words I’ve painted for you
Your image beautifully erected on my walls
Your unknown name boldly written on my door
Even as I seek to grasp your face
I think of you rarely
I lied. It’s almost daily
And you’ve stolen a stand in my life’s tripod

This moment
My humanity seeks to betray me again
Making me long for you again
But then, I don’t only think of you
I adore the Gospel
The beauty of the Cross
Which I swore to bear
I adore your sanctity,
Your brilliance, beauty
And acute cerebral reasoning

I’ve never seen you
Perhaps I have
But I know you’re beautiful
More beautiful than Cleopatra
Or the numerous damsels I see daily
Your physical endowment humbles them
Giving them a run for their charms
Your theatrical laughter makes me laugh
Especially how you’ll laugh to my unfunny jokes

I know you’ve got a tender skin
Beautiful nails and soft palms
I’m yet to decipher your size, height or skin color
But I’ll love you just the way you are

Don’t be surprised
But I know you’re also clinging to the Cross
Walking steadfastly in the Kingdom Divine
You’ve got a large heart
You love kids as much as I do
And very willing to give them chocolates and candies
Spare some for me
Put them in a box and mail to me
After the day I’ll propose
It’ll make me smile and blush
Blessing God for blessing me with such a wonder

You’ve remained hidden for this long
‘Cos you’re a rare gem
So why should I settle for something quick
When I know you’re priceless, classy and elegant
I have my digger and a pretty large shovel
Ready to dig into Pluto and Mars
Until I eventually find you

I’m sarcastic and annoying
But I’ll treat you like a queen
I’ll adore you with oil of pure nard
And build you a Buckingham in my home
Maids will wash your feet
Guards will stand watch
While you step steadily on rose petals
But it’ll be my duty alone to carry you off to bed

Know it, that I’m just a writer
A young man with no penny
I strive daily to make a living
To forge a dynasty for you to dwell in
Come what may
Together we shall build an empire
With you as my Empress Insurmountable
And I, your Lord Supreme

Though, there be temptations and deep longings
My heart may race faster than a cavalry
And my desires seek to breakout
Yet will I wait for you

I’ll cherish these thoughts in my heart
Keeping the fire of lust in the furnace where it belongs
Until the night of rings comes
After you’ve been eventually revealed

Be rest assured that I’ll bear the torch of patience
I’ll stand vigilantly at my watch
Clinging to Grace from on High
For a damsel as rare as you
…Is truly worth the wait

Dedicated to every single youth out there struggling to #WAIT for the matrimonial bliss even in the face of untold desires and temptations. Your story is same as mine.
Fight on with Grace!

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