Not Everyone Is Meant To Be An Entrepreneur, Being A Career Person May Be Best For You


Setting up a business is good and productive, but satisfaction and self fulfillment is better.

There are often those tough times when you’re continuously hit by several storms in your bid to sail through the sea of business. It could lead to perpetual struggles and finally a shipwreck.

Giving up on entrepreneurship as a career to settle on your dream job doesn’t mean you are a failure. At times, it is a response to purpose discovery.

There are many people who got to the the heart of entrepreneurship and ended up not being successful.

Success actually is not determined by how financially buoyant you’ve attained. Success needs fulfillment to be complete.

Amidst the euphoria of being a CEO, there are a couple of pointers that makes it obvious that you still need to pursue your dream job.

Not everyone is meant to be a boss

Growing up, I’ve heard my peers and those above us repeat the same memory verse, “I don’t want to work for anyone, I want to be my own boss.”

The fact is, if everyone becomes their own boss, then who will work for the other? If all the employees on Google choose to quit and set up their own businesses, will Google still exist?

One of the first step towards being successful in life is getting rid of this mindset. There are professionals in many fields who are very successful, yet they are employees and consultants to firms at the same time.

Success should not be defined by the number of assets to your name. A man can have thousands of dollars, yet he is not successful because he hasn’t achieved those set goals of his life.

What gives you joy?

The founder of the Kentucky Fried Chicken focused on his business escapade at a pretty old age of 65. Prior to then, he had tried out several things all in a bid to make a living.

Suppose he got the right pay through out those donkey years before 65, perhaps, he wouldn’t have known how blissful he would have been by simply doing the one thing he loves and knows how to do best — frying chickens.

On the inverse, one can set up medium business outlets, get enough cash out of it to keep his life running, but comes back home each day with a yearning to be someone else.

Perhaps, you know the law profession in your locality doesn’t pay much, but always daydream, picturing yourself in the profession’s gown and wig. The family may be quite comfortable, and your kids always wear wonderful smiles, but you know deep down in your heart that you don’t want your biography to be read without recognizing you as a lawyer.

That’s a pointer that you need to pursue your dream job or career other than entrepreneurship.

It’s noteworthy that you can live on your business while you get your trainings to build your new career.

Failing forward

People fail to understand that entrepreneurship is just as technical as any other profession in the world. There are trainings to undergo. There are skills to be learnt. It’s got its own hiccups and everything is not so cozy.

Lack of this reality has made many to dive into this sphere and they get greeted with sheer disappointments. Failing is almost certain in various instances and as a matter of fact, failure is one of the best teachers we need.

I know of the Elon Musk story, Thomas Edison is not any different. But that in view, continuous failure should be a reason for you to reevaluate yourself.

Perhaps you are getting many things wrong, or you basically lack the technical know-how to run that business. It may also be that there is something you could do better with little stress and shipwrecks. That could be your cue towards getting a job and building your career.


I’ve always dreamt of having the perfect family with a number of kids that will happily call me dad every single day.

If you fall into this category of people, then there is a need to evaluate your source of livelihood.

For some, life will never be worth it in spite of figures you make daily if they don’t carve out time to spend with family.

The nature of business you run and the ensuing demands it has on you may not be consistent with the everyday demands of your family.

I know your thought will be like, “…hey, but I’m doing it for them”. Yes, but what if you finish doing it and end up not having them around to celebrate with, will it make any sense?

In such a scenario, restructuring your business including its location will go a long way, if that’s actually possible. Another escape route is to hire a good manager, while you consider getting a good job that will keep the cash flowing and giving you the needed family space at the same time.

What does the society say?

Who cares about what the society says? Most people have gotten their lives trapped in a cage simply because they are always concerned about what the society thinks about them.

You chose to buy a BMW because you want the world to see you as the rich guy which you’re not.

You want to keep running the business even though you’re struggling with it just because you don’t want the world to think you’re a failure.

Closing your ears against the world and sticking to what is right and best is one of the attributes of maturity. Quitting entrepreneurship to pursue your dream career will be greeted with mixed responses. Nonetheless, it’s a tough decision that many have to take.

If entrepreneurship doesn’t work for you, try making it work through other ways. If the failure persists, it won’t be too bad to consider another career line. After all, when we were kids, the world “entrepreneur” was never in our lexicon.

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