One More Thing You Need To Increase Organizational Productivity


Do you know that fishes can fly?
Yes, it’s possible, but figuratively.

Incentives can make fishes fly

Incentives is one of the most popular forms of motivation that yields tremendous results. This is because, the average human wants to know what he stands to gain for doing more.

There are often a number of times when team spirit goes down and there is hardly any results after lots of efforts. As a matter of fact, when team morale falls below threshold, it won’t be surprising for members to take their jobs as a normal routines.

When jobs becomes a mere routine and less of an exciting adventure, productivity will certainly stagnate or even decline.

Have you ever wondered why most marketers are not given “normal pay”. This is because their motivation is proportional to their results. They know also that without results, there is no pay.

Hence their pay is their incentive to work.

Thus, each new day is a new adventure to hit a new marketing milestone.

Researches have shown that humans are naturally lazy.

In 2015, I interned at an ICT firm in Lagos while I was still in College. Although I was working with the Pre-sales (technical) department.

I and every other intern and staff members of the firm were asked to market “Ikarus”, a German anti-virus.

The firm had the sole distributing rights in Nigeria. Sales target were not being met, hence all employees were mobilized to push it aggressively.

I was really comfortable with my technical stuff, troubleshooting systems and all those nerdy stuff. As such, I wasn’t in support of the arrangement until my boss dropped his magic words:

I paraphrase,

“For every 5 Ikarus anti-virus you sell, you get one free.”

As soon as I heard those words, my ears tingled. I can’t clearly explain what happened afterwards, but I can remember vividly that I went home with 10 packs of Ikarus without thinking twice, and so did other other employees. That was the power of incentives.

Incentives can make the least performing member of your team to improve productivity by 200% overnight.

Incentives is one of the most popular forms of team motivation.

Incentives must not always be financially inclined. A vacation, work leave, free lunch and the rest can go.

However, caution should be exercised when giving incentives, else team members will always perform below expectation until you promise them incentives.

The next time you think of increasing your organizational performance, think of incentives.


  1. “Incentives can make fishes fly” — That would have been the best caption. You just opened my eyes to strange possibilities that incentives can afford.

  2. Incentives is like an external force that sets employees in motion. It agrees with Newton’s 1st Law of motion that states that an object will remain at rest (employees productivity stagnates) or in uniform motion (work becomes drudgery) unless compelled to change by an external force, in this case, which are Incentives.

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