A woman, I mean
Hairs on her hairs, a lady
Strength within – wit of lads

Structure, I’ll break
and leave fractures. Pattern forgone
as drops in the tavern, I’ll pass
Yea, her glamour, I can’t surpass

An hiring, yes I’m
My payer, still yet I
Took a sail to heaven’s farm
To see truth above the sky

Her name, it is
Black gold on dark earth, precious
Pure as springs. What lustre

Ego pushed me off the tower
Ain’t got your strength to fight it
Voiceless sounds, I could only mutter
Too inaudible for you to discern
So vague for you to decipher
Unable to imagine that unsaid

But you should know
Cos I’ve always known

Gold’s always pure e’en on the floor
Tyre, e’en Sidon’s water is ne’er sour
Carvings couldn’t kill the Diamond’s lustre
Moana sinks not in summer nor winter
More precious you are than these and many more

Behind unsaid words
Ayont sarcasm walls
Exceeding the jests of Easter
Et the laughs of the Conference

Is a heart full of admiration
And a bowl of great respect
For a woman; bearer of nations
Parcel of love that none can reject

My mouth, ego forbade to speak
But my hands’re always free to write
Grand words for “Bize” that will stick
And letters that’ll be read in the light

The orator, MacAnne
Forgive me if I had hidden it from you
You’re more precious than I ever said
Happy birthday dear

For Anne “MacAnne” Obize
Penned: June 4th 2017
Photo Credit: Kamdora

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