[Poem] Roar From The Streets


In cold and heat
With bowls of different sizes
They sing their songs with cracked voices
Emaciated bone and broken soles
Bearing the dirts of the untarred roads
A coin for their pains
The clink being worthy to cause a tiff
As to who gets the alm for the beggings
Then they continue on their way

I pass them by everyday
With their lips burned
From backyard wrapped cigarettes
Dressed in tattered clothes and hairs in dreads
Their hearts, I can see turning into cold stones
They are still children
But everyday, they grow older
They do not forget
We do not forget

Representatives of evil
They promised me Yes
But their action shows me No
“vote for me and I will give you sound education”
I remember I pressed my thumb on ink, then on paper
That ink never flowed in my pen
To aid me in writing and learning
My hands never touched any sheet to write on
Their promises, not even a part have they fulfilled

I make my way around following cars
And running after the currency notes
Just to sell my heart soured oranges
My flower garden is now full of thorns
My comfy bed is now a hard rock under the bridge
I weep not to remember how it used to be
Call me weak, I dare you

As I sit to listen to the cry inside
The agony and sorrow tearing me to shreds
In my doleful heart
It struggled and scratched and clawed to be free
You can hear me now
A loud cry from deep within
Strong and clear and alive
Echoes and echoes across hills and valleys

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