[Poem]: Womb Of The Dawn


It shall come to pass
When the sun is brightest
The breeze cool and tame,
Trees humming in melody
And birds chirping away swiftly

When men shall thirst
For the true and sincere
When bread is scarce
And the wine of His Presence rare
When the pulpit is devoid of true manna
And titled men mocking thy sanctuary

At such a time, O dawn!
Shall men arise out of thy womb,
Clothed in the beauty of holiness
Adorned with the good of ophir
Perfumed with the fragrance of Christ
Robed in righteousness
With the signet ring of the Holy Ghost
To invoke salvation
With great conviction and power
Their feet beautifully buckled with thy Gospel
And lips split open to unravel the mystery of His glory

Out of thy womb, O dawn!
Shall emerge men stained with the blood of the Messiah
Their umbilical cord shall never be cut off
For they shall be forever be rooted to Zion
They’ll drink the milk of the word
And be heated by the refiner’s fire

Darkness shall flee from them
Powers will quake at their sight
Nations shall be held sway by them
Governments shall submit to the rulership of their God

These are the ones rising
It’s an army of the dew
The dew of the Lord’s youth
Sons and daughters shielded in His rest

I hear the sound of the horn
The weapons of warfare which are not carnal
Grace and truth ready to be dished out
Gifts for diverse spiritual functions
I hear the sound of the horn

Yet O dawn,
The garrison of the Lord’s army is empty.
The path leading to Jerusalem’s arsenal deserted
Her barrack being as quiet as the grave yard
To their tents, have fathers returned
While the Lord’s house is being plundered by the enemy

O dawn!
Who are those prophets spoke of
Who are those that creations earnestly await
Where are those that shall slay with the lips of a ready writer
Where are the slay queens of the Spirit

O dawn!
When shall men arise from thy womb
When shall they take up battle positions
When shall they pick up the weapons of demonic destruction
When shall they be shaped unto the battle axes of His Majesty

O dawn!
Where are these ones that shall arise and live in the power of the age to come?
Creations earnestly need you to birth forth these ones
For the day of the Lord’s battle is Today

Penned: September 18, 2017
Drawn from the light of Ps. 110:4
Photo Credit: Encounter Church Of Palmyra

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