Raped By A Beast


“Come in” he beckoned on me

Wearing the emblem of innocence
And a sash of trust
I took one step after another
Into the well adorned apartment
The air was fresh
Suitable for a lady
Atmosphere soaked in affluence

I smiled at him
He returned same
With mouth agape
He sang his own praise
Of his wealth and vigour
Fame beyond the rivers
I listened patiently
With arms akimbo
For the ear posed no harm

Minutes rolled like a wheel
Chatter and laughter
He offered a drink
I was too polite to say no
His smiles permeated brilliance
What a fine man he seemed
All was quite well
Until Pinocchio’s nose grew
Quite obvious to be ignored

He started acting funny
Telling me of how amazing I had been
I never knew he could be so vocal
Pouring out sweet words from his well of insanity
I once thought he was shy
My calm was lost
Fresh air turned foul
I knew it was high time Cinderella left
For the party would soon be over by 12

I tried to leave
I begged to leave
Sang songs of excuses to no avail
Pleaded until I was devoid of utterance
When words failed, I resorted to force
I was weak, he was strong
He pushed me unto the couch
My heart took a sail in limbo
A tear dropped reluctantly
Then tears dripped freely

I knew him, so I thought
A friend in the neighbourhood
Renowned for his gentility
But standing before me was no gentleman
He was a beast: a werewolf
And I was the weeping beauty
He pounced on me with his fangs
An experience not befitting for a damsel

In futility did I wail
To no end did I struggle
Just then I realized his house was alienated
He had no very close neighbour save for me
And he had locked the door behind us
Even if I had roared like a lion
The noise-proof windows would have shut me up
Why didn’t I think of this earlier
Why was I gullible
Surely, I knew I was doomed

Gentle James turned beast
With red owlish eyes
He clung unto my shirt
Tore it to shreds
Plugged off the bra
Leaving me unclad
His coarse hands caressed me fiercely
I lost sanity and begged for death

He was far from being done
I begged, cried, wept
Hoping to appeal to the gentility I once knew
Alas! It was gone
Being replaced by the monster of lust
My shirt was gone
My skirt was next
Panties not spared
A bitter encounter it was

In vain had I been a virgin
For naught did I wait for wedding’s night
Only to be torn apart by a stranger before “I do”
Each pound made me hate him
Each pound made me curse the day I was born
Each pound made me regret my naivety
Each pound made me curse God for creating the beast called man
And the venom of unforgiveness gained ascendancy in me

Soon he was done
Well spent in energy
Reclining on the couch like a jellyfish
Looking calm like the man I once knew
Tears in his eyes
Words of apology dropping like dew
“Bastard, that’s what you are”
Those words made him cry the more
Tears of wickedness
They meant nothing to me
Unable to turn back the hands of time

I was left in disarray
In a pool of tears and blood
Mourning the loss of womanhood
Hymen torn asunder
Heart shattered to bits
Thoughts paraded my head
My life was over
I was going crazy
I’m going crazy
It was three years ago
But seems like yesterday

What will my story be?
Who will I blame?
James or the Trust that led me to his apartment
I find it hard to get over
It wasn’t a dream
For surely
I was raped by a beast

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