How To Start Your Day Well: 8 Practical Tips


If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, the chances of your entire being messed up will be high. To avoid a messy day, you need to start your day well. Putting these life hacks into practice will ensure that your days will be fruitful and productive.

1. Wake Up Early

You don’t need to have a job before you wake up early. Although sleep is good for relaxation, too much of it will make you very tired. A maximum of 8 hours is enough for sleep. But I really find that duration to be rather too much.

A 6-hour sleep is enough for someone who wants to make something useful out of his day. Rise up as early as 6 am or 7 am and start up your day.

2. Be Enthusiastic about your day

You need to start your day with much enthusiasm. Be positive and excited about the day. Don’t allow the negative experiences of the previous day to pollute your morning. See every day as an opportunity for a fresh start.

3. Dress Your Bed

This is your first task for the day. Making your bed gives a sense of accomplishment. Being in a room that is scattered has a way of making you feel disorganized and it can dampen your early morning enthusiasm. Don’t start your day by giving room to morale killers, so dress your bed.

4. Have your quiet time

You certainly shouldn’t start your day without spending an alone time with God. It will enable you to get a divine direction for the day and also reconnect you with your purpose and essence for living.

Quiet time can be for about 30 minutes or more. There is no hard and fast rule to it and don’t allow the time range freak you out. The earlier you wake up, the more time you can allocate to communication with God.

Personally, I pray, praise, worship and read scriptures during my quiet time.

5. Exercise

The importance of exercises can never be over-emphasized. You need to keep your body flexible, burn out excess calories and to facilitate blood flow. Apart from these, it also helps you to stay active by killing any desire to return to the bed.

If you don’t know the right exercise to do, check out your phone’s app store for cool exercise apps.

6. Shower Early

Your early morning exercise should lead you to the bathroom. You’ve got to wash out the sweats and look neat. Relaxing for a while can make you lazy, and laziness won’t help you start your day well.

7. Plan your day

Don’t allow life to just happen to you. You’ve got to live a planned life. Write down all the stuff you wish to achieve today–the places you want the finish and tasks to complete. Lack of daily plans is the main reason for proper time management. You must ensure you allot time to each activity you have for the day. Don’t start your day without plans.


Experts claim that breakfast is the best meal of the day. Whether you believe it or not, breakfast gives you enough energy that is necessary to fuel the early morning drive in your bones. If you leave home without breakfast, the chances of getting tired early are high. And this will greatly affect your productivity.

The key to personal development is practice. Put these tips into practice and share the results with us. Thanks.

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