How To Stop Negative Thoughts


Do you know that our thoughts are very powerful, as powerful as spoken words? Our thoughts cause us to act in a particular way, see things in a particular light, and conceive great ideas and so on.

The mind, the foundation of our thoughts has the ability to conceive anything. It has got potentials. Investments are to be made on these potentials in order to fully maximize them for our benefit. Reading books help a lot, thinking positively, rubbing minds with positive people and so on. Our thought pattern tells who we are, how potent!

Nonetheless, our mind’s potentials are not limited to just positive ones. Our minds are capable of negativity if we allow it. Sadly, many allow negativity dominate their thought pattern.

Many are held bound by the negativity of their past and are as well negative about the future. So many times you find yourself ruminating over a wrong thing someone said to you or about how something might go wrong.
These thoughts then cause us to take actions that will bring those fears into reality.

Others are caged in their minds by guilt, regrets, and criticisms. They are forced to believe that they are not good enough or not good at all. They believe themselves to be the cause of some wrongs that might have happened in the past. And they go through life in the bondage of their thought patterns and never achieve much, as a result, never give out much or anything to life.

If you are reading this, you are probably yearning to stop negative thoughts from having the best of your mind. These tips will help you overcome these negative thoughts;

1. Watch Your Thoughts

No matter, how much you want to think positively, tiny negative thoughts will definitely creep in quite a number of times. There’s no problem at all. It’s natural for this to happen at this point when you are trying to overcome them but the problem is when you decide to dwell on these negative thoughts. When these thoughts creep in, it’s best to recognize them and change our thoughts immediately, by thinking the very opposite or thinking constructively.

2. Think Constructively

It doesn’t end at taking away negative thoughts, you have to replace them with positive thoughts. Take out time to think about your future, how great you want it to be. When you find yourself in a bad situation, instead of clouding your mind with negative thoughts of how bad the situation is, think on how the problem can be solved, take action and move forward.

3. Your Friends Matter

Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. You must surround yourself with positive people who will inject positivity into your personality. These ones could encourage you from time to time, depositing all the positive words you need to become a positive personality for you eventually become what you constantly hear.

4. Create A Positive Environment

Surround yourself with things that will boost your positively level. Listen to positive talks, read positive quotes, feed yourself with things that will eliminate these thoughts.

5. Impact People Positively

You can’t give what you don’t have. You will have to give out from your bag of positivity. Encourage people who are going through challenges and help them overcome it, that way, you get to think positively.

6. Positive Affirmation

They are not just good quotes or positive statements, they are for encouragement and uplifting. Form the habit of confessing positively. You want to speak to a public and you feel you’re not bold enough, talk to yourself, say, “I am bold enough to address this crowd and get their attention”. Positive affirmations reshape our thinking.

7. Write Down

Negative thoughts are like our companion whenever we get hurt or get offended. Now, we are talking about getting rid of this ever-present, wound renewing companion in times of hurt and pain.

Writing down how we feel in a piece of paper really helps ease off the hurt because in doing so, you get to understand what the problem really is and why you feel the way you do. It really works. I recommend it.

Also, there’s a sense of fulfillment you get after putting down something artistic, so a sense of fulfillment replaces whatever hurt, and you just get better. Works like magic

If you’re not gifted in writing, you could draw, dance, and just do something to express your hurt to of course yourself.

8. Take Responsibility

Do not always play the victim. You were offended, fine but are you going to keep ruminating over what has happened at the expense of your happiness?

Learn to simply get rid of issues that come by finding solutions. When the problem is settled, you would barely have any need to go back and think about how badly you were treated and less valued you must be.

You could express your hurt to the other party and understand why they acted the way they did, you may find out that you were wrong all those times.

9. Do Not Focus On Your Problems

Take your eyes away from your lack and begin to notice all the good around you. Don’t focus on your want for trendy shoes so much that you forget that you have warm coats against winter.
Focusing on our problems blinds us to the blessings around us.
Stay grateful.

Remember, you are what you think. What do you want to become? What do you want from life? It is in your power to become it, it’s in your power to get it. You only have to change your thought pattern and think positively.

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