The Truth: Is Trump Really A Russian Puppet



Before you give an answer to the question, I’ll advice you to think again. If you’ve done that, then read on. First of all, I’m not an American. But the issues of American has a way it affects everyone irrespective of your nationality or geographical location.

After the Trump-Putin meeting at Helsinki, questions such as this have been making the rounds. Everyone obviously have something to say. But to a large extent people’s opinions are influenced by the media. The media directs our opinions and paint images they want us to believe.

This question is either “Yes” or “No”, but the accuracy of the answer is tied on the provision of facts. I’ve highlighted a number of points that support each side of the answer. They may not be sufficient to establish or disprove a conspiracy theory. But they are certainly adequate enough to give us a rethink.

Reasons why Trump is the Russian Puppet

  1. What other justification exists for his public degrading of US intelligence agencies? To have publicly hallowed Putin’s words as against that of devoted American intelligence agencies means he was obviously reading out a script that Putin and Russian had dictated for him. That was the height of disgrace of America on the world stage.
  2. The strength of US is not just in its economic prowess or in its military muscles, but also in the strength of her allies. It sounds rather crazy for Trump to have ridiculed NATO member countries by extending the olive branch to Russia. Even in the heat of Russia’s annexation of Crimea which is a principal city of Ukraine (an US ally), Trump still went ahead to smile and shake hands with Putin.

    Come on, who does that? #Trump.
  3. Sequel to the Helsinki summit, AP reporter Jon Lemire asked Putin if he had a kompromat (compromising material) on Trump or his family. Putin didn’t say No. Rather he used diplomatic words to evade giving an outright “Yes” or “No”.
  4. When Putin was asked if he wanted Trump to win the 2016 election, he said “Yes”. His answer could be because he knew Trump would dance to Russia’s drumbeats.
  5. In January this year, Trump refused to sign fresh sanctions against Russia for the 2016 election meddling even though the US Congress approved of it.
  6. Last week, Trump invited Putin to White House in spite of the brouhaha about Russia. Many Americans frowned against this since Putin and Russia are considered “not friends” of US in some sense. Even Trump knows this and he knew the social chaos it would erupt. He probably had to extend the invitation after all because he had no will of his own.
  7. All these points show a huge possibility that Trump is just a Russian bunny or an outright Puppet for the Kremlin and the Russian nationals.


Reasons why Trump is NOT the Russian Puppet

  1. Trump is tired of America’s hostility to enemy nations and had decided it’s time for peace to reign between the US and Russia, just as he is doing with North Korea.
  2. Trump did not authenticate Russian’s meddling of the election because he doesn’t trust the investigation that seems like a witch hunt aimed at maligning and implicating him.
  3. Trump is a man who is not renowned for his rhetoric, but for his actions. He has been outrightly demanding that Europe cancel the Nordstream-2 gas pipeline project, which is meant to increase the supply of Russian gas to northern Europe, most especially Germany. If this is cancelled, it will further reduce Putin’s leverage over Europe.
  4. Trump is not the only one having a chill with Russian, Germany and the entire EU is having their own chit chat through the Nordstream-2 project and other business deals. Does that make them Russian puppets?
  5. Trump imposed a 25% and 10% tariff on the import of steel and aluminum respectively. This is affecting Russian companies adversely since metals are a big part of Russia’s exports. Also the US is Russian’s fifth highest trading partners. So imagine the blow the tariff war is dealing on Russia.
  6. In January this year, Trump approved the sale of US Javelin anti-tank launchers to Ukraine. This was a strong move against Russia. A move that Obama wasn’t able to make.

My submission is open ended. Trump being a Russian Puppet is a puzzle many are still trying to solve. If you’ve unraveled it, please drop your comments. Is Trump really the Russian puppet?

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